I want

I like simple things
reds and greens
double long dreams
sweet cream in drinks
and powdered sugar teeth
I have but simple wants
girls in lacy leather tops
men in bright bow ties
children surrounded in lies
everything in mint chocolate
simple things yes I want them


Simple whispers
simple lies
run across the spine
glorious though it might be
the thighs are wet
and so are the knees
poison on my mouth
lips have trouble figuring it out
wanting more than just a rub
the tongue it tickles and then
it’s done

Message sent

I think I do better
better without you
got my head all cleared up
and a whole new outlook
got a message in a bottle
and it says you’re not mine
I think I do better without you
so I’m reading it all the damn time
ain’t really that simple
but it’s not complicated
I may want you a lot
but my ass ain’t that jaded
the message that I got
says you ain’t my savior
and not actually my friend
so I think I’ll do better
without seeing our end