She is sacrifice

She is a beauty
a real queen
the type of killer
that moves unseen
she is the type
you want to be
but then you learn
what sacrifice means



The world is a bubble
a tiny little place
a world inside it’s center
our world always encased
surrounded by the same air
looking at ourselves
reflection in the skyline
our visions colored with light
the world inside a bubble
ourselves do we only know
the light that wraps around us
doesn’t actually help us grow


Nothing lasts forever
unless you can’t let go
tell yourself you don’t care
and that you truly know
that one day you will die too
but you’re still not that old
you don’t have to worry
you’ve got a young soul
nothing lasts forever
unless you want to lie
die while your still breathing
pretend that you have thrived
while life is lacking meaning
nothing lasts forever
so you just ignore
everything that reminds you
that one day you will die
everything will end here
nothing remains alive

She could taste

She wanted the boy
he wanted another
she stole him at midnight
by hiding the other
she took him in comfort
before he could know
she stole him at midnight
and felt fully known
he took her again
and they become pair
the other still hidden
no longer there
he never does ask
all he can see
is that there’s someone
who caters to needs
she gives him comfort
the other unclean
she wanted him
she gets what she wants
but now she is having
bitter second thoughts
he wanted the other
but she’s what he’s got
she wanted something
but not what he gives
the other that was hidden
she never should in
should have given him
what he actually wanted
she should have found out
what else she could taste

I can break it

I can break down the house
I can tear it right down
won’t use nothing
but my hands and my lungs
breathed in this deception
this thing we call love
built all these walls around it
keep it safe and sound
but I can take the roof off
yes I can tear it down
leave it all to nothing
scrap for a dirty junk yard
I can tear it right down
won’t use nothing but these arms
I breathed in these deceptions
this thing you labeled love
and I built a house all around us
keep us safe and sound
but now I’m destroying everything
burn this house straight into the ground
and when it’s all a bad memory
remember who tore it right down

The way

This isn’t what I wanted
always said that wouldn’t be me
learned that life is funny
and it doesn’t care what you think
you don’t get to choose when you mess up
you don’t get to wash it away
no you have to live with what you’ve done here
you have to live with what you did
even when you were to young
even when you’re too old
you have to live up to memory
you have to reap what you sow
you can’t just keep what you want to believe
pretend that the truth is your own
always said that wouldn’t be me
learned the hard way it’s who I am
can’t take back what I’ve done in life
can’t pretend it’s not bad
all I know is I’m where I am at
where I’d like to go
maybe if I’m wise enough
I just might see the way

The same

Didn’t know how the fire started
but I watched it all the same
watched the house burn down
and my former life fade away
everything now up in flames
I watched it all disappear
back to where it never was
the fire made that clear
and as it burned
and I watched
everything remained
the world that is
the world that was
the flame left it all the same


Think too much
but say you don’t care
live your life
keep it out of your hair
dance when they’re watching
and laugh when they don’t
you might be weird
pathetic or gross
but nobody sees it
they really just don’t
think too much
and freak out often
live your life
like nobody’s watching
because all they see
is you dancing free
they’ll take that insanity
they’ll take what you breathe
think too much
because everybody’s looking
watching seeing
what you might be doing
and in the end all they see
is a real authentic individual
just doing their thing.


In the morning if I wake up
burning in this bed
the sheets have all gone dirty
painted all deep red
turning brown as want to do
the blood is all but dry
in the morning if I wake up
it will be another morning
that I cry
if I die while sleeping
it will be a pleasure
burning in this bed
I take to waking measured

Begin again

Fire blooming from her hair
grows until it gets everywhere
burning the carpet
burning the chairs
the wooden floor now beyond repair
the lace and satin all but ash
her hair in flames it’s glorious
the destruction she brings
just walking in
the house is gone
time to begin again