Too many sun flowers
too much doubt
finding myself
like a murderous trout
I got the answers
but I don’t know why
trapped in the cosmos
trapped in the mind
somebody else
let’s you forget rhyme
drink it all down
too many ways out
too many shame clouds
finding myself now
and then it goes black

Time keeper

Early in the morning after the sunset
we drink our morning coffee
and get ourselves to bed
the midnight taken over
the sunlight in our heads
like stars in our eyes
can’t trick us when we’re dead
after the sun rises
after the midnight sun
we begin the morning caffeinated fun
we drink our morning coffee
and get ourselves to bed
everything is set here
as a watch well timed
early in the morning after the sun rise
we can’t drink our coffee
we can’t go to bed
we don’t sleep too well
when everything’s in time again

Blood diamonds

Blood diamonds on the water
in the veins and in the fodder
everything feels tasty good
the kind of thing misunderstood
the taste so sticky sweet in sin
the kind of thing you don’t let in
the kind of craving that kills the buzz
the open ended kind of love
blood diamonds kiss the sky tonight
off the ground the world so bright
as you eat the tasty right
the kind of drink you thought you chewed
blood and gold they drain your youth

When we say goodbye

And when we say goodbye
will you say at least you tried
will you pretend you actually cared
stayed clear but stayed right there
as everything has faded back
you pretend it’s all gone black
memory begins to fade
and when we say goodbye
will you still remember my face?


Wedding bells are ringing
and we are all alone
no one comes to witness
the falling of the snow
we have been abandoned
don’t know what we’ve done
wedding bells are ringing
and no one’s here to hear
as all my joy spills over
all our love forever untouched
we are all alone here
but just you is enough

A lot to learn

Too much to learn tonight
I don’t really want to fight
but I can’t keep moving slow
can’t keep this wagon’s roll
got only one wheel right now
got nowhere to go but I’ll
I’ll be alright somehow
got my neck in the clouds
head clear of everything
I’m learning to meet needs
got myself all but clean
smoking my pipe of please
I don’t think I’ve got dreams
but everything’s clear it seems
I don’t want want to fight
but I can’t be up all night
I think I’ll say goodbye
catch me another midnight
cause I’m out up in the clouds
rolling down my feet on ground
everything is looking up
I got myself the lessons uncut


Sitting here waiting once again
wondering what might have been
if I told you off like I wanted too
if I had said what I really meant
thrown you down and made you beg
sitting here I wonder when
that opportunity might come again
to slap you once and tweak your nose
keep you wondering what to do
why I still stay true
just to make you blue
sitting here once again waiting
thinking what to do next

On this cross

It’s too late to forget
not enough time left to deal with it
got to jump stones and drain rivers
find myself while making dinner
it’s too late to forget it now
to lose the thought
keep my head in the clouds
like windows stained red from wine on the floor
the sun keeps on shining burning for more
it’s too late to forget what you said yesterday
it’s too late to forgive the chances you didn’t take
it’s too late and it’s done now
all but once lost
you find yourself broken
left on this cross

Syrup and tulips

Syrup and tulips
limes and cheap beers
pay up to millions
only sold twice a year
syrup and tulips
apples and lambs
we’ll all go crazy
time to spend, spend
we like the pretties
the tasties
the wealth
we like to pay up
to show we have health
limes and cheap beers
paintings of sap
syrup and tulips
the whole world goes mad

Under sky

Follow me into the night
die under faded moonlight
drink the blue from veins unpierced
sustain the death and bring the dark
the black of nothing
existence as art
that hole in the sky my grave site
a cozy little bed for two
follow me into this night
never red this blood of mine
blue as skin grown child in time
die under the faded sky