On this cross

It’s too late to forget
not enough time left to deal with it
got to jump stones and drain rivers
find myself while making dinner
it’s too late to forget it now
to lose the thought
keep my head in the clouds
like windows stained red from wine on the floor
the sun keeps on shining burning for more
it’s too late to forget what you said yesterday
it’s too late to forgive the chances you didn’t take
it’s too late and it’s done now
all but once lost
you find yourself broken
left on this cross

Purple roses

Bleeding purple roses upon a white altar
drowning in the blue buds and the tide
seeds all floating in the ocean
the midnight painting all the sky
rising from the wave foam
thriving but not alive
bleeding purple roses upon a white altar
drowning on the surface
bleeding colors into blight
floating in a garden a sea of red orchids
drinking in the poison the sea all I have left


In the morning if I wake up
burning in this bed
the sheets have all gone dirty
painted all deep red
turning brown as want to do
the blood is all but dry
in the morning if I wake up
it will be another morning
that I cry
if I die while sleeping
it will be a pleasure
burning in this bed
I take to waking measured