Concur and divide

Take your chances on the masses
keep up with the changing classics.
We rewrite the narrative
again, and again, and again-again
just to suit our fantasies
that one is greater than thirty-three
so that’s just what you believe.
We keep changing history
just to suit the rich it seems
while the middle class ceases to be-
but let’s talk about herstory?
Let’s talk intersectionality;
ignore the fact that its suppose to bring-
togetherness and understanding.
Ignore the fact that intersectionality isn’t meant to divide or come between.
Instead just build up proverbial walls-
cry oppression and boycott with thoughts?
No money where your mouth is-just a woman’s march?
but during all that walking you still spew that hate;
black feminist-white feminist
pro-life and its anti-vein
tweeting all your thrashing wants
claiming that the others wrong.
You keep takin’ chances on the masses
keep on narrowing your thoughts
and we’ll all end up in a casket
no more time for social constructs.

Hey Demi

Talk about mental illness
while you laughin’ makin’ millions
don’t play at being business-
just a product of the system.
Just another know it all
tell your story, bathe in glory.
Bipolar with a bank account
much different then disabled and out.
You still working double time?
I’m just kidding
you haven’t worked in your whole life
Barney and friends then Disney channel
actors work but it don’t hold a candle
to pushing that paper
and makin’ them pennies
I’d be better off if my symptoms didn’t prevent me!
Living with this madness
has taken fuckin’ everything-
and I’m not just talking about
Can’t work with this broken mind
lost my dignity, lost my time.
Can’t get treatment-still standing in line.
You may know the pain but you’ve got the money to get by-
try living with mental illness
when your symptoms keep you
from providing for your life.
Suicide much sweeter
when you can’t afford the pills
the highs and lows not treated
bringing trauma at the heels
you got sent to rehab
the rest get sent to jail.
I used to be a social worker
now unemployed and ill.
Fight the fucking stigma?
How ’bout paying my bills.


It’s simple very simple
if I do say so myself
so simple that you’ll miss it
with your convoluting self’s.
No visage could be clearer
than the one where we’re eating ourselves-
but still consuming shit
we repeat emotions never felt.
Manipulate the science,
rewrite the diagnostic,
just deny the facts
and protect fake news through violence.
Yes, this fuckin’ shit is happening-
we know it,
but just pretend it’s nonsense-
either liberal or conservative bullshit
just another troll on the internet.
Make up a million reasons
then change them up again.
The world’s going to hell
in a state of cowardice.
This is what happens when the few lead them all
one ring of power creating a mob,
and all we have to do is stop
sucking ourselves off.

Kill the Barbie business

Looking for an easy out
we’re all cowards-
can’t climb down!
Pushed ourselves right to the top
now we’re stuck-
we can’t jump off!
Lost in all this self-aggrandizement
we forgot just how to let live.
All this peace and love is bullshit
everybody’s just gone and used it-
payday for the rich and famous
they get green while you run to payless.
Chris Brown’s still selling ‘music’ with
Nicki Minaj playing stupid
you for the broads but you still choose him? Think lil’ Wayne’s got the new shit? You know you’re just a pop bitch.
Chris Brown’s still selling music!?
This mother fucker should be shot-
no excuses.
He abuses other humans, but the truth is
nobody gives a fuck because they groovin’-
like they goin’ con up God and get in right quick?
We’re all a bunch of cowards
letting Drake pretend he’s hard-
all for Rihanna but he okay raisin’ bottles to the stars?
Only-this degrassi proper has no integrity
a couple bills to buy him
making monkeys out of thieves.

Yet no one’s really listening,
that’s why they tell you the devil had wings-
his hubris his undoing
and here we are like fallen stars
a dystopia of burnt up cars
every broken iPod screaming-stop!
but still we pretend like nothing’s wrong
thankful for the shit humanity we got.
Be thankful for the wolves instead
they speak the truth-they’ll swallow your head.
An honest liars worth more than you
if you cannot reap what you can’t undo.
All this peace and love is bullshit
if you don’t know how to use it
never should these gifts be given
just so you can redo your second kitchen.
Remy ma is the real shit-
a coward plays for two bits
humanity take notice.

Everybody’s special

So we stand
alone in hand
the majority under thumb.
Bigots we cry
they’re stealing our rights
though nothing is being taken away.
You’ve got a plus
and yet we can’t rest
because the desires of a few trump the whole.
Yes your distressed
uncomfortable at best, but the world is not a safe zone.
Acceptance is forced
and so we ignore
that the few are traumatizing the more
but that’s okay the rich get paid
off exploiting the needs of the poor.
They’ll sing you songs
take you to prom
and you’ll keep crying alone.
So we stand
divided and mad
crazed by the gods we created.
Gilded and sold-
you are alone.
A snowflake in summer is dead.
So we stand
watching it burn
made the world special
now it won’t turn.

Milo’s brother

Think about it if you will
my name is James
and I’ve a story to tell
I hope that you hear
I want you to know
I’m not sure if your listening, but
I need to let this go.
Think about it if you will
I’m twelve years old
tired and sleepy
safe in my home.
My name is James and I’m twelve years old
my brother is Milo
our story unfolds.
Think about it if you will
my brothers Milo
he invites me to his bed
we’re safe in our home.
He tucks me in tightly
I fall to sleep
to the sound of his feeling
under the sheets,
hot is his breathing
hands not on me-
he’s touching himself
Think about it if you will
this happened every night
he’d invite me to his bed
his masturbation my lullaby
started at a young age
continued to my teens
but my parents and my therapist knew,
said nothing’s unnatural about me laying in his bed-
think about it this way
What if this poems about Lena Dunham instead?

That’s Entertainment: the Winehouse syndrome

With all these heros you’d think we’d be saved
all their money paving the way
words they keep saying-playing the game.
Wolves in sheep’s clothing-
keep getting paid.
Every album sold is another ‘we’
but when the rent comes
no royalties.
Bills keep building, you need a new job-
one that doesn’t interfere with the one you’ve already got.
It’s just not enough
even with cutting back;
skip meal, no new slacks-
hope these pants will last,
no lunch-need gas
work through break
under paid
still gotta work too afraid
what if I lose my dignity?
Can’t be unemployed in poverty-
gotta keep working for the pride
to get paid
just to afford to come in again.
Keep draggin’, draggin’, draggin’
’til death do you part
leaving a corpse as beautiful
as modern art-penniless and forgot.
With all these heros you’d think we’d be saved
but the one percent keeps us as slaves
no middle class
the poor who won’t act-
leading us back to black.

Don’t read the news

There’s a simple thing I see
persevered by ignorant society.
Truth it comes-not readily.
The news forgot what it’s suppose to be-ethics be damned quite hastily.

When the reasonable man in the room
is a Brit with a Madonna feud!
Piers Morgan speaking the truth
rational and calm to boot?

Fuck, America what are we going to do?
Let the rich stir the pot?
Have the rest of us forgot?
That the rich just want to get richer.

Care about you?
Oh, what do they do?
Besides protect child molesters.

Roman Polanski still fucking walks free-
but that’s for another installment.

Woody Allen’s our man here,
let’s make this damn clear-
he’s married to a victim.
He masterly conditioned
a child to a woman
through decades of abusive behaviors.
Yet Kristen Stewart will say, to Ronan’s dismay, shits been said about everybody.
Persecuted for his art
at least we got off
on the premise that we know nobody.

Still hope is real Lena Dunham has feels!
and admonishes his pedophilic behaviors.
Yet, don’t forget she made quite the check
off biting his rhymes on her own.
Touching herself while her sisters knocked out?
Let’s not pretend that’s normal-
Ooh yes I know
Grace said it’s not so
and thus we ignore the admission
because it’s just fine for a teen to unwind next to a ‘sleeping’ victim.

But America what do I know?

I’m sure Lena has a good soul
she’s just a fucked up millennial
the voice of a proud generation
who sports pro-ana tips for the nations!
Baby food to stave off starvation
this girls got the proper education-
who wants an abortion vacation
playing delusional to escape debt
but she’ll educate the neediest
white savior for the greediest.

But hey at least we still got Halsey
no, seriously, that girls amazin’
dropped a hundred k no baitin’-
so insanely real-no hatred.
A real artist is rare these days
even if the whole world stands
in praise
no one seems to have any sense anyway.

The truth doesn’t mean shit to the crowd
even with evidence abound
we’re controlled by fear
and the sound
of the rich saving the poor from

Magnificent Facsimile

Parody of Perfect Illusion by lady gaga

Tryin’ to keep control
this story is takin’ it’s toll
stuck in the lies that I’ve told
I just wanted to be gold.
My guessing game is fraud
way to real to be bought
(or so I thought)
caught in my own bullshit
yeah, I thought this song was
about him.

It wasn’t art, it wasn’t art
it was a perfect illusion (immaculate delusion)
mistaken for art, it wasn’t art
it was an impressive allusion (repressive inclusion)
I am a useless solution

I don’t need you to tell me
I’ve got my eyes on the tv
they see me as a hype queen
maybe it’s just a bad dream
that’s who I am, fuck.
I still feel alone
these checks my own tome

(Where am I now?
have I been found out?)
it was an angelic extrusion
(but I know they’re watching me
muted, overcome with me
time to reinvent this fantasy)

(Who am I?
cause I’ll play her too)
it was a suspect collusion
(but I feel them watching me
and I fear them forgetting me)
(but I feel the need to scream)
Metallica’s a start?

(Who am I?
just empty inside)
mistaken for art
(foolish, overcome with me
time to reinvent this fantasy)
this isn’t art
(reinvent this fantasy
exploit lower class society) 

I am a joke
yeah, deep down I know it.

It wasn’t smart, it wasn’t art
it’s all a fucking reduction (corrupt function)
mistaken for clever, it wasn’t clever
It’s all a product of confusion (item-mass produced bitch)


You are a strict abusion


a tragic conclusion
you are a product of fusion
a pop star mutant
It’s all someone else’s truth eh? (pollution) (say it again)
I am an immaculate abusion
a flawed product of misuse and the truth is
I am, I am, I am not an artist.


10,000 shameless pr stunts

Dance, dance, dance to the rhythm
keep dancin’ ’til you get that feeling
free love, good will, all chillin’
’til a bitch gets an itch in her vision.

Dance, dance, dance like you got that feelin’
like you got that heart to be feelin’
like you got that-got that
certain little somethin’ we be needin’-
from that ivory tower that you breathe in. 

Every body wants to be a savior-
no work just glam
all paper.
Crocodile tears turn to vapor
vomit in her soul with no grace left.
She’s wide awake-recently woke again-
but sounds like a wolf in sheep’s clothin’.

Bitter and dumb ’til the very end

reuse the same joke then do it again!

And again.

All because Christian music shot you out the other end?

Couldn’t make a dime off Christ-

pretended to kiss a girl instead?

You’re so gay a clever insult?

Katy Perry gets paid to talk the talk.

Dance with the devil-
I think this witch forgot.