Too much sugar in my cup
can’t drink sugar it’s too much
broken teeth and sour brain
the tongue it hurts
taste buds’ blades
too much sweet not enough bitter
I need hate to keep me chipper
can’t drink now it’s far too hot
too much sugar in my cup
not enough liquid not enough luck
everything in plenty
everything in black
too much sugar drinking
too much happiness in drag

I want

I like simple things
reds and greens
double long dreams
sweet cream in drinks
and powdered sugar teeth
I have but simple wants
girls in lacy leather tops
men in bright bow ties
children surrounded in lies
everything in mint chocolate
simple things yes I want them

Sings like

She sings like midnight
the sweetest rain
the darkest satin
the saddest face
the kind of girl you dream about
that sings of heartbreak
feelings drown
the sound so fitting
glitter fades
beyond pearl lipstick
her face remains
a long lost desire
once a large flame
the kind of fire living
for a lover’s song and game
she sings like sweet midnight
and dances without a move
she sings like sweet rain
on a delightful afternoon
drowns her stories down now
and sings of heartbreak so true

So sweet

Everybody wants to be me but me
I don’t really want to exist and bleed
but everybody looking like I’m so sweet
got my own style and a warrior feel
everybody acting like I’m so cool
gotta be living like this girl would
all dressed up looking to kill
I’ve lost myself now looking for thrills
everybody wants to be me but me
thinking I’m bad but believe I’m weak
everybody wants to be the girl in black
hanging out in the bar no flats
wearing that red burning lipstick
not giving two thoughts about this new shit
everybody wants to be me but me
I want to die but they don’t see it
everybody thinking I’m the realest
but being real makes me feeling useless
everybody wants what they see
make me in to something unique
something that lives to breathe
when all I want is death so sweet.


Everything is velvet
when in control you’ll see
when you have the temperament
to say it’s mine and seize
take more than what’s been given
and wear those pearls to sleep
sheets all made of satin
the good stuff underneath
when you command the riches
when you have all control
everything is sugar
the world your’s too unfold

Holding the sun

Falling rather deeply
the feeling often sweetly
takes you by the knees
and breaks your heart
the world of our together
falls apart,
whether winter or in summer
blooming always hungers
for the versions of the sword
within your side,
feeling rather deeply
the mirror left so sweetly
reflecting the world still keeping
melodies and rhymes
upon the tongue
a world before the heavens
came undone
a moment before the spring
had held the sun.