Mina, Mina, broken doll you just can’t hear a damn thing at all,
you pretend you’re valiant, gallant, and true, but in the end my dear Mina
you are as thick as stew. The sad little truth is there is nothing but broth
thick muddy water with no substance at all.

Mina, Mina, pretend to be brave, you may be in the thick of another
grand mistake, but here are your pills and a razor as a sword.
attack to kill, the mirror can’t hurt you anymore.

Oh Mina, sweet Mina, you’ve fallen again your morphine can’t save you
when you let him in. Deciding to sell yourself for another dime bag
no Mina, oh Mina, you’ve done it again
laid down, spread eagle, you don’t care what filthy flesh you have next.

Oh Mina, sweet Mina, you were left by the one, the only man you ever loved
but you did him oh-so wrong. Mina, now you know you aren’t as brave as you thought,
but don’t listen to the truth, I’m sure you’ll have another shot!

Oh Mina, dear Mina, what have you done, thought yourself noble, so noble, but found
out that you were wrong. Don’t listen to the truth, don’t look into the magic mirror
for the hell that’s inside you never has to be real. Keep pretending, keep lying, keep sucking
down those pills for Mina, sweet Mina you’ve not enough strength to deal.
Keep fighting, keep playing at being the warrior oh Mina, sweet Mina you can’t hide it anymore.
For the one that you covet has found someone new; a raven mad woman with more substance
than stew.

Oh! Please Mina don’t compare too closely, oh Mina let’s not think of her as a trophy.
Her hair may be raven, her lips may be ruby, her skin may be porcelain, yes it might seem she’s a true beauty. Alas my dear Mina there is still some hope, take the pills and the razor, maybe some rope.

Oh Mina, dear Mina, don’t fall just quite yet, the raven mad woman has not begun to forget.
She’s watching, she’s stalking, she’s preying on flesh. Oh Mina, sweet Mina, don’t you ever forget.
This woman is crazed with only one thing in her sights, the feathered head Mina that doesn’t know wrong from right. Oh Mina here we have it, we’re in a corner now, Snow white’s found her huntsman lost in your clouds. She saved the one you covet with her seven little men, all atop horses reigning revelations on your head.

Mina, Mina, you poor broken thing Snow white’s got the better of you so it seems. You thought at one time that you could outwit her, but as you attempt you know you’re just growing bitter.
Wilhelmina, please remember your true station in life. Not a warrior, a woman or even a wife
just a sad little doll sitting on the shelf. A sad little trinket Snow keeps for herself,
Mina bloody Mina, can you not see you never were a princess just owned by the Queen.

Not Alice.

Alice, oh Alice, look at you now

fell down the rabbit hole trying to be profound.

Thought yourself a child, but grew into a hag,

old woman throwing bones the best bruja you’ve ever had?

The question is an odd one since you don’t comprehend,

You’re nothing more but manic shaking dust out of your pretty little head.

Don’t try to be a master this bruja has you matched, your nothing but a

caster, without anything to cast. No hook or line or sinker, just playing with

broken glass, oh Alice, old Alice, your mad, but not from sewing hats.

The rabbits never linger, and the queen barely even chants

your head is unimportant this pike can stand without your mass.

Don’t forget the Hatter, the tears, and all the flowers

you will not be missed dear imposter; Alice of the cowards.

The ladies are not waiting, and no swine will bring you back,

you lost your way again but there is no Cheshire cat.

No one really cares just how you get it back, the way was lost

on your accord

the door is shut forever more, you may be here in Wonderland,

but we don’t need you anymore.

Alice, oh Alice, you have been replaced by a new young lady

with a porcelain face. Don’t cry, don’t try, just let it go

for Alice, oh, Alice, it’s time for you to go back home


I am madness, you are hate
we stand together unashamed.
You are fury, and I am rage
we stand together as is our fate.
I mirror you, you do the same
showing the hearts true game.
You stood alone, calling me
I came home and now we’re free.
You are madness, I am hate
the rage that builds it brings no shame
for here I stand on bloody bones
the revenge I sought has now been sown.
You are fury, and I am rage
the games you started we finish in spades
for now we feast on crimson decay
the morning of bloodlust has not gone on in vain.
You mirror me, and I do the same
as though we were created from the same primordial clay
never at a loss for what the other may say
our lives are entangled and we like it that way.
I am your madness, you are my hate
I am your raven and you are my fate.

Into the black

This reality it screams to me
the paintings on the wall
they believe in me
and everything that’s shinning
is illuminating scenes where the darkness
cries but no one heeds.
No one saves the monster they are far to grotesque
and no one loves a martyr they just lay the soul to rest
and though there is but one parade to say hooray the day is saved
not a mind would think on it if nothing was given away.
Here we are again, the crazy girl within, she’s singing songs
and playing along to whatever dreams let live.
Here we are again it seems lost little willow chasing seams
the tattered remains of broken things
and everything she wanted to believe.
Standing still on top that hill her mountain crumbles forgotten Jill.
Standing still, that crazy girl itches for escape, but when
the world stops she gets kicked off never to be seen again
and this reality it screams to me
like a forgotten dream it seems
that every night before I wake I die in the black and can’t escape.
That crazy girl inside my head she’s screaming soundless
back to bed. The space outside the world it bends
the stars on fire they take my meds and no one knows
just where to go
and everything that sings it glows, and no one
has the time it shows
that crazy girl within is singing every note a silent
screaming, never ending just this day
just continues dreaming.