Living in stills

Wide awake still dreaming

locked inside I’m screaming

plastered walls misleading

come undone


Casket skies, fallen eyes, clouds

that drown one deeper

drink the words know the lines

speak the sound once weaker

cover one’s ears

hide your face

follow us down to hell.

Kaleidoscope dreams, carnival themes,

clowns that hide the stupor-

drink the gin, smoke the kid

balloons that keep you tethered-

gold on wrist, knives and whips

dreams that give the sinner.

Handcuffs that bleed

blessings to thieves

gifts that do deliver.

Drink what they got- damn, you’re cut off!

Words make no sense, it’s all consequence, a mess that makes up the night.

Drown who you found, the source, kill it now! Snuff the flame out!

And be done

lie to no one

your voice in a song

muted and numb

don’t belong. Locked in a dream

forever to scream dying unseen

lost inside.


The call

Come and find me little moth

take me to what I have lost

a kindred heart, a child bright

bring this darkness into light.

Let me feast on what she’s done-

broken child, little one,

take the heart and spare no blood

pay me for what I have won.

Come to me little moth guide me

to the source forgot. Search me out

in darkness grave above the realm

through fog invade. Find me quick for time betrays! My gift to you- sight beyond the page, read the words to set you free

mark her death as poetry.

Come and find me little moth

lead me to the source once lost

find the gates, open the keys,

lead me to the childs dreams.

Come and find me little moth

brave the darkness to seek what’s sought. Read the words upon blank pages in the dark we train sages-

know my moth with me you’re safest-

lead me to the land of greatness.


(4 August 2016)



Keep it hidden-never more!

The ravens claw

death moth spores

rip her apart! Don’t ignore

this child’s a curse-broken and torn!

Keep it hidden, keep her back!

Break that bitch until she can’t come back!

Siphon the gifts, take the treasure

tether her tortures keep them forever!

Never forget she’s a gift from the whore, a broken down woman looking to score. God took her name and gave her a number called upon the child, knowing,

she’d smile no longer.

Keeping her close under His measure charmed, but a ghost

a girl with no name.

Keep it hidden, keep it safe, don’t let the mad one get in the way!

The child’s just a tool

a fucking mistake

the girls just an object a means to an ends-made for our salvation stigmata from the start. Keep her from the mirrors, keep it hidden in the dark, kill the hoards of seers

they’ll call her back again

we want her half way breathing

breed our vision from the dead.

(27 July 2016)

glass casket

Took the lessons from the hags

witches from beyond wastelands

came to me in my dreams

red eyed rabbit thick as thieves.

Brought me from where I have been, a world of dull mundane vain-ness. Broken mirrors, broken soul-the rabbit shows you where to go.

Free you from what might have been, match you with the conduit. Search for answers,

search for hope,

never having reaped the love you’ve sown

tattered and battered, lost and alone

favored by many then hung by a rope. Strung out in silver

gilded in gold-this glass coffin hell is a luxury home. Mad houses, gowns, and needles with fluids. Liquid cure-alls, elixirs to be heard!

Screaming alone inside your head, this world not your own-no hospital beds!

Return what you know, return on your own, choosing to be sold-once again.

Broken, but powerful, nothing but bountiful a girl who took off your head.


(27 July 2016)


keep her

Looking for the mirror

cast the picture clearer-

for a chance to see her,

for the chance-believe her!

Looking for the mirror

the image not my visage

a monster just fictitious

a nightmare in the strictest.

Looking for the mirror

the Beast projects-no seer

just protects the child,

keep her from the shadows

who’d defeat her.

Preying on the weak like parasites

bleeding out a child til she dies

fighting for reasons to remain alive-

reaching for the power of design.

The keeper of the mirrors is divine

the ultimate visage, Hel’s defined,

meeting you from the other side.

Looking for the mirrors

the reflection all but nearer

still not my own a detour

the holy grail a herring-red with laughter-devouring.

Always looking round, not finding, a journey so profound-

all timing. Rhythms out of bounds

just Sirens singing to deaf ears-wanted silence. No more hunting mirrors searching for the source

find the kingdom maker

an image always forced.

Drink the undertaker the image

is a noise. Search for the seer, live beyond the mirrors in the chaos-they keep her.


(26 July 2016)