I am the princess lost
lost to disillusion
in a world so ruthless
can’t find the means to use it
the voice beneath these lips
the tongue that thoughts so kiss
broken little dreams
useless little things
I am the princess lost to flowers
open hearts that belong to cowards
cads that lose their dignity
begging on the floor for me
disillusioned but still glad
this world is ruthless
my mind grows mad

Sweet cream

Sweet cream in my coffee
drunk another mug still cold
like milk without it’s honey
these feelings growing old
and rethink the memories
and over bake the bread
frost the waters easy
keep the sweet dreams
for your bed

Going back

I wanna be a clown
but they took it from me
my red nose no longer beeps
can’t entertain
can’t suck my teeth
I’m dreaming in those greys and black
can’t keep coming from the back
I wanna be a clown
but my shoes are flat
no more squeaking pants don’t sag
they took it from me
took my laugh
nothing fun about not going back

Champagne singing

Tell me what you see
inside the pink champagne
tell me all the bubbles sing
drink the sound away
and dance until the morning comes
the light begins to sway
dreaming in the honeycomb
the milk and flowers pray
tell me what you see inside
the golden ring displayed
the pink champagne and bubbles clear
the sound of singing can be heard
tell me what you know
do you see the sunshine bleeding
the flowers never grow

Sandman screams

We sleep and dream
of where we might not be
a time to sleep
where we no longer bleed
fear it comes
and knocks upon the door
we drown
we fly
we do not ask for more
than laying on the floorboards
laughing on a shelf
bringing up the children
reminding them of health
teaching them to go clear
and how to sleep too dream
to be wide awake at midnight
to hear the sandman scream

Don’t drink enough

I don’t drink enough these days
I don’t know just what to say
can’t keep dreaming in my grave
just want to rise up from the ground
keep the dirt out of my teeth
my nails all off the blood it leaks
I don’t drink enough these days
don’t take the pills
don’t drink the sage
I don’t have a lot left standing
broken boredom might cause branding
I’ve got scars all up my arms
I don’t drink up no more stars

The parlor

Setting up the parlor
with all the nicest things
the trash from the below
is enough to make you scream
run through fire naked
and bleed what you don’t mean
the teddy bears are all up
all waiting for their tea
the crumpets made from spiders
carry so many wonderful dreams
setting up the parlor
just as one does the mind
dressing up the armor
soaking metal in good wine

Never known

Broken bones are twisted
quite beyond reprieve
as she sits and listens
to the sounds beneath
the burden always listening
always dreaming through her teeth
wondering what became of
the mother she thought she’d be
broken bones are twisted
they have not healed with time
her brittle bones all missing
the will to finish growth
she sits in the old attic
pretending she knows how to sew
she gives things away like presents
but they never take them down
no her bones are so twisted
they never think they’ll be found out
the burden always listens
to the sounds from below
as she mourns the life she’s missing
the life she could have had
but never known

The poison

Drink away the poison
in your bones is pain
living like a serpent
breathing in your veins
drink away the darkness
blow away your dreams
exhale just enough
not to make a scream
drink away the poison
for in your flesh there’s pain
break away from sorrow
remember your own name