Just want to sleep

I just want to sleep
so tired don’t want to eat
lurking underneath my bed
I keep myself there instead
the sheets they are my covers
transparent I discover
every dream is broken
shattered from the smoke
and every time it breaks
we make ten more mistakes
I just want to sleep
sleep and never weep
the dreams won’t come again
I’m lost and dead my friend

I saw your face last night

I saw your face last night
I don’t think it was a dream
I saw your eyes go black
and then began to scream
couldn’t get my breath back
couldn’t find myself awake
dropping into the abyss
I have found the gate
open golden bars
but never hear them click
I know I saw you standing there
lost within the thick
the trees outside my window
the dream I know it’s not
I saw your face last night
in the middle of the fog


I think I think too much
and keep myself in touch
with the bitterness
and taste that comes with it
stuck upon my tongue
clogging up my lungs
I think these thoughts
might strangle
keep my hair in tangles
dancing through my teeth
I hope I can not sleep
thoughts that turn to dreams
nightmares when I think

Reality makes

I don’t want dreams
I don’t want things
all that I crave is up sleep
chain me uneven
break me when not needed
keep calling back to you
for reasons
I don’t want nice things
I don’t like pleasant dreams
I just want death to
be kind to me
keep me ever on the rope
tighten my grip on hope
never really let me go
I’m already insane
I don’t want to sleep here
no more dreams near
left for the rear mirror
to see the shadow standing still
keep me out and then fulfill
everything I never asked for
hollowed down and out more
I don’t want no dreams or things
nice enough or broken dreams
I just want the truth today
tell me what reality makes

Always clean

I don’t want to drink today
I just want to sleep
keep the demons all at bay
keep the monsters clean
never forget the drinks we made
never forget the promises
I don’t want to think today
I just want the moments
life is living in the sky
never waking up
I just want to sleep all day
keep on dreaming on
I just want to dance and play
I just want to sleep
keep the monsters in my mind
never hidden but always clean


Dreaming of another day
can’t stop myself today
cold and now on the floor
can’t breathe or move no more
chained to the end of time
my life has never been mine
dreaming of another out
I don’t want this life right now
I’m just a body here
placeholder best that’s near
dreaming of another place
try to scare me save some face
I just want to die with grace
grieving from this cross I bare
thankful that I’ve got dreams here

Closed eyes

I like the deep midnight
closing eyes till I cry
pending I can see the sky
as if I’m there tonight
don’t know much at all
thought it would all but fall
hoping since much younger days
wishing that I had my way
out in the open world
big dreams such little curls
everything is just so bright
wishing for that deep midnight

Cold living

In the cold sunlight
praying for the night
the warmth that comes with death
the time that is well spent
like rain in still dry lands
taking place on paths
that drink your soul and talk
talk of things unseen
the time you take to dream
in the cold sunlight
the warmth of death comes right
please the reaper well
and forget the way
the paths have now turned grey

Don’t float

Don’t float too far away
don’t drown when at play
stay but always stray
and walk away
while standing in place
don’t float or gasp or pray
just be frozen okay
don’t move or grow or make
don’t float while your in space
drink before you breathe
keep the things you need
the dreams that burrow deep
and die while you’re asleep