I live in a memory
of how this life used to be
before we all just fell asleep
turned to shadows
dust and dreams
memories of times before
they never happened
but I remember once more
life before the dreams overcame
before the truth was washed away



Moving colors in the sky
midnight purple passing high
blues and pinks all mixed up
the reds and greens all out of luck
raining down on the world below
clashing cheer no lies hold
washed away in chartreuse dreams
all the colors paint the truth
the honest strokes the sky ensues
moving colors in the sky
they slowly rain down
on this cold midnight
twinkle and burn then they die
a picture of truth left in their stead

What we’ve lost

Pastel colors plastic cars
everything a work of art
the world we dream in
the world we sought
a world on fire
true love forgot
plastic covers metal doors
thirsty for what is more
more than plastic
more than this
dreams of worlds less ignorant
in plastic hearts we find no love
just simple pleasures
no one above
everything a work of art
no trying here just what’s forgot


It all comes crumbling down
tick the clocks and run right now
burn the pictures trash the house
tear the curtains break the mirrors
we are dying breaking fear
it all comes down crumbling so
the world we’ve lost, lost all we know
broken pictures broken dreams
we got lost in all our screams
tick the clocks and tock the time
we all crumble before we die

Burning roses

I’m burning roses now
and I ain’t coming down
got no dollar bills
but I’m floating proud
people be looking at me
like I’m so damn lost
but these dreams are happening
no matter the cost
I got my own pen in my hand now
and a voice that I’m using
gonna make my own way
and I’m never pursuing
the past that undid me
when I was living my life
everybody was saying
I was doing it right
had everything wrapped up
in a nice little bow
all my fucking chaos
yeah that shit explode
I can’t do nine to five now
my degree don’t mean nothing
I’m living the life now
that makes me feel something
I’m burning the garden
and feeling so good
you thought that you controlled me
I think you misunderstood
you never did see me
but you took all I had
left me with bad credit
and no fucking cash
had a nervous breakdown
but now I’m not even sad
I’m writing the next chapter
I’m changing the story
you took all I had even the glory
so now I’m crawling upwards
from this dirty floor
everybody might be talking mess
but I’m aiming to soar

Wouldn’t it be nice

Wouldn’t it be nice
if work was easy
if we didn’t have to try so hard
wouldn’t it be nice to have it all girl
to wake up in the sun and just have fun
if we didn’t have to work our ass off
if we didn’t have to try so hard
wouldn’t it be nice to live our dreams
make it look so damn easy and clean
wouldn’t it be nice to just get paid girl
not work and break a sweat
wouldn’t it be nice to live on clouds
walk around like we don’t care
not think about the very next meal
or if this check can pay the bills
wouldn’t it be nice to live like queens do
like girls who sell that pop
wouldn’t it be nice to be a celebrity
and pretend we work so much
wouldn’t it be nice to not get older
thinking of losing the home I rent
wondering what will happen next
wouldn’t it be nice to just be easy
to relax in the sun and laugh
wouldn’t it be nice to live like queens do
instead of working off that ass

Failing me

Falling, falling, falling
my dreams have died again
called to the forefront
I’m reliving in old skin
forgotten what it means
to be alive and then
falling, falling, falling down
I’ve drowned in tears
and now found out
that I have died once again
my dreams are gone
my breath is weak
falling, falling, falling me

Water is the sun

I lay beneath the water
I fall right back to sleep
I dream of what’s to come
like moonlight bathing me
tomorrow never ceases
to be right behind the door
I lay beneath the water
my heart is wanting more
I fall right back to sleep
dream of what’s to come
moonlight as my keeper
as water is the sun.

Bring on the knife

Bring on the knife
let’s cut too deep
we’re all looking to lose sleep
to be afraid of monsters clear
cut that vein the wrist it’s near
bring on the knife
let’s get to the point
you want a story
we all want a drink
bring me the blade
and let’s cut too deep
we’re all looking to lose it
to destroy the high
stay wide awake don’t sleep at night
bring on the knife
burn fear into bones
we like to bleed
and know where to go
how to see the beast
without losing one’s soul
bring on the knife
teach them to bleed
we all want fear to fuel all our dreams

Withered needs

Too much on my head
I got too much on my brain
it’s all drinking up my soul
zapping energy
can’t think too much about it
can’t write a single verse
got rhymes inside my head space
got monsters to be birthed
but everything is stuck there
a flood with no movement
I can barely breathe here
in the stagnation of the pen
realities have conquered
and sent me right to sleep
but the dreams I have intensive
breaking down my withered needs