Silver fixes everything

Everything in purple coated tinsel
wiping at the froth its gone quite mental
we dance until our feet bleed but we don’t see
the glitter cutting eyeballs until they bleed
bleeding like your feet but you keep dancing
singing in the shower it’s not happening
you’re driving rather reckless with a blindfold
you thought that you let go but you held on so
so now you’re feeling lost like its not happening
it’s happening like the blood puddle is laughing
everything in decorated sugars like on ice cream
the tinsel burning eyes that bleed the icing
we cannot see we cannot feel but our feet bleed
wiping at the froth and drinking nicely
we spill it but it’s fine it’s silver lining

The unopened eye

One more head roll
eyes cold we know
everything is empty still
we do so much
just to pay the bills
one more stiff drink
the alcohol
it breaks the beat
I don’t know
much more to say
the starting of
the minds decay
one more tide
to call a stray
the symptoms of
the laughing rain
one more night to cry
the blood comes from
the unopened eye.

Twisted little faces

Twisted little faces
looking back at you
sleeping in your vision
the truth the will undo
twisted little smiles
on fingers reaching out
tips that dangle forward
moving with their mouth
twisted little bodies
died within the mirror
they will feast on flesh
they will feast off fear
twisted little faces
looking back at you
they are but reflection
reaching out as truth

It’s just smoke

You say it
you say it like its easy
like the world has caught you dreaming
like the meaning fell apart upon the floor
left the door wide open hope you wanting more
drunk and stupid caught up on it and before
I don’t think you know what really is the cord
connected to the pieces and the shore
the oceans begging you to drop the score
the sand between your eyes
the tiger feeds all night
you say it’s easy
like you know something I don’t
while I smoke on water choking at your throat
you say it like it’s easy
it’s just smoke

Smelly and proud

Some people are dumb
some girls are ugly
some boys smell bad
and look rather grubby
some people are fat
and it’s not very attractive
some people are too thin
and they look like an addict
some people are stupid
some women are homely
some men are gross
everybody knows it
but we act like we don’t
and lie to ourselves
pretending it’s okay
while they look in the mirror
just hoping they’d go away
some people are ugly
some people are fat
sometimes it’s not
what you wanna look at it
but being yourself
means owning your flaws
be proud to be you
whether ugly or not
what’s the point of lying
if that’s the face you got
the truth of the matter is
you alive and that’s the plot
be beautiful by being you
don’t be so hard on yourself
if everyone is beautiful
diversity is missing out
own up to who you are
or be a slave to constant doubt

This ride

She screams inside
the thoughts have clouded her mind
it burns, it hurts, to think so much
and the screaming clogs the ears and such
the body moves to thoughts that steal
every moment, no time to heal
for visions build and she’s been misled
her screams have swallowed up her head
dreams don’t comfort during these reds
the worlds she visits end with tides
floods of roses often thyme
and everything will be just fine
keep the screaming inside this time


congratulations you were there,
congratulations you tried.
You may not be wonderful
you may not be adept
you just showed up because-
you tried,
came in last this time
got your trophy and pride
didn’t win the race
but you got second to last place
a trophy on your mantel,
a kiss upon your cheek,
participate and find
all the validation that you seek.
You can’t be a winner
to win is just too gloat
participation is the only way
build it up so they don’t try
we made the world better
by letting aptitude slide.