Wake the dead in me
my soul a cemetery
the ground under my feet
keeps all my dead lost things
everything that’s died
lost to the grips of time
left so others grow
I live with what I’ve sown


Threading the ribbons

Take the ribbon and the thread
make her pretty once again
toss the glitter on the floor
spread the legs on old headboards
sow shut with lace and then pretend
make her know what comes from bed
cushions comfort and you said
once the baby’s born we met.

Show folks and carni kids

Put it in perspective
put it your mind
that everything is different
from various other sides
do you have a blanket
or even just a couch?
Do you own a car or
have a pool to test out?
Sometimes you never see
the things that do exist
if you’ve ever owned a monkey
I’m tired of your shit
every tear that’s shed
is a tear for us to drink
your mental health has cost
and you can afford that shrink
so cry me a fucking river
and fill that river with cash
if I should feel sorry for Justin Bieber
I should get paid for that
perspective changes lots of things
turning entertainers into kings
we forget what show folk means
just carni kids that are paid to sing
so sing for me and accept your bed
if your life sucks-you’ve chosen it.

Cosmic brilliance

Distant stars are wanting
souls of hungry ghost
the universe is taunting
everything is death
decay and fevered dreaming
drinking all the pain
remember you’re still breathing
but death will get his gain
the universe is painted
with blood and all this flesh
decayed and broken down
to cosmic brilliance.

The shallows

Tainted poison lost in love
drunk off what was once to come
a dream, a story, a fantasy
something beautiful though shallow
and weak
cannot touch what isn’t there
turn the mirrors into stares
climb to places far to fall
build what once was tall and strong
shallow moments once in bed
real life awaits you in its stead.

Flowers wither

Flowers burn and wither
ash becomes the feather
the rainbow made of glass
no color just clear mass
black and white
and deeper grays
the smoke shows brilliant
signs of decay
everything that breathes
will burn
burn to ash and then nothing
all your words they no longer speak
flowers burn and turn to dust
when life is done
have you had enough?

Bleeding rainbows

Every color bleeds to black
close your eyes you can’t come back
once the rainbow turns to grey
you remove you have no face
taxes of what might have been
lessons learned and then you’re spent
different comes before the storm
stolen refuge this moments cure
every color bleeds to black
it goes white before you’re back.