Closed eyes

I like the deep midnight
closing eyes till I cry
pending I can see the sky
as if I’m there tonight
don’t know much at all
thought it would all but fall
hoping since much younger days
wishing that I had my way
out in the open world
big dreams such little curls
everything is just so bright
wishing for that deep midnight

Passing fancy

I don’t think I’ve got the time
crying tears til I’m dry
drained of everything I feel
questioning the cost of real
I don’t think I’ve got the power
can’t keep this body moving
I’m running all but empty
can’t keep these lips from chewing
if it mattered if I cared
bite the darkness never fear
lost in what was never near
the passing fancy
the pain unveiled
I don’t think I’ve got the time
lost for now the grief I find
ever after never now
paid for with the passing rhyme

Cold living

In the cold sunlight
praying for the night
the warmth that comes with death
the time that is well spent
like rain in still dry lands
taking place on paths
that drink your soul and talk
talk of things unseen
the time you take to dream
in the cold sunlight
the warmth of death comes right
please the reaper well
and forget the way
the paths have now turned grey


Dancing in the moonlight
waiting for some fun
sitting in the darkness
waiting for the blood
want of something different
something new for once
dancing in the moonlight
I begin to strut
drinking in the darkness
dancing in the blood
droplets on my lips
warm and so much yum
everything is darkness
I cannot yet see
where I will be going
or how I got to sea


stuck again
can’t quite remember when
I let it go and then
took another shot for him
drinking all that smoke right down
drowning sorrows can’t live without
stuck again I’m drunk too soon
can’t get out this afternoon
I’m sick with tears
and tired of sorrows
drinking stuck with bitter tomorrows

Don’t float

Don’t float too far away
don’t drown when at play
stay but always stray
and walk away
while standing in place
don’t float or gasp or pray
just be frozen okay
don’t move or grow or make
don’t float while your in space
drink before you breathe
keep the things you need
the dreams that burrow deep
and die while you’re asleep


In the isolation
I can feel at home
alone in my shadow
room for me to grow
the solitude much different
different than in crowds
like flying over water
instead of in the clouds
in the isolation
I drown myself to sleep
feeling rather numb
I drink the water deep
feel my lungs grow larger
feel my heart explode
in the isolation
I find the room to grow
shadows in my eyeline
water on my soul
in the isolation
I find a better home


I wish I had been better
drank less of rainy weather
held myself together
and not gone bad
not turned back
I wish I had been better
kept myself untethered
and waited for what comes next
but here I am remembering now
that I drank of the wine
the lilac tasted fine
and I turned my back alright
can’t go back tonight

Smoke it down

Smoke it down right now and see
we can’t bring the things that gleam
that dry the tides and sow the seeds
smoke it down and drown the dreams
keep the water from the heat
the steam that rises we can’t breathe
smoke it down
and take the pills
dream the dreams that save the world
bring the overwhelming heat
blast the sun the soul is weak
smoke it smoke it smoke it now
the clouds that cover break the ground
the earth is ending
the women have died
the man from the moon has left them dry
we can’t bring the things that shine
gleaming in the sad moonlight
hide the vest that holds you in
unlock the collar and smoke the rim
the edge of where it all began
the start of endings all too sad