Room for rent

Inches of skin crawling
off walls you’d deem appalling
red like blood it oozes-dripping
dripping and dropping to it
to the floor that’s made up
of muscles and tissues that flare up
swollen and sore their useless
for anything close to movement
but squishing and squashing for you if
if you can free yourself of it the grip of the lungs
keep pursuing oxygen breathing it burns this
ember of flames and slit wrist breaking the bones
for carpet over the muscles and tissues
like tile it’s style an anthem of biology held for ransom
inches of flesh worth pursuing an image of death
for reviewing standard and yet consuming.

it’s just a chair

Simple things are simple
but we complicate
choose to see the wrong things
as significant
and we choose to place our trust
with the wrong ones
turn heroes into the cowards
as we make virgins out of whores.


Decorations on the wall
tell the story, one and all
everything you’ve ever done
watch the drama and the fun
mistakes, heroics and your fears
the decorations hold them dear
you have written your whole story
in their bones, their decorative glory
now they speak of all that’s gone
your brittle spirit, and serpent tongue
every mirror, and all your candles
they will tell of all your scandals