I thought

I thought I might just stop in to say
but you started talking always get your way
the words were familiar almost like mine
don’t know why I’m standing here
don’t know why I try
thought I might mention it
but now the floors yours
you got the microphone
I’ll just take my seat
you do whatever you do say what you need
I’ll be here waiting
speaking words you can’t read

Sink into the darkness

We sink into the darkness
the deep black damp abyss
we sink into this madness
the blood still on our lips
we don’t pay for nothing
we don’t play no games
we sink into the darkness
dying without the sane
every shadow haunts us
painted in their damp
shadow going under
our soul always entrapped

Don’t ask

Don’t ask a question
just make a noise
you say something
I ignore
you get angry smash the floor
the vase comes down forever more
don’t ask a question
speak in silence
don’t make a sound just raise violence
burn the ears
and cut the tongue
I don’t think this love is fun

When to go

I keep speaking wanting more
can’t stop drinking on the floor
can’t be anything but here
a board for you to walk on dear
don’t mind me you never do
I’ll just be here just for you
when you want me pull me up
pour another bitter cup
give it to me nice and slow
so I never know just when to go


It’s getting claustrophobic
it’s starting to suffocate
I can’t breathe tonight
cannot speak to say
write it down in blood now
but it bleeds right through
the time keeps passing on
but the day does not renew
time keeps moving forward
everything stays the same
we are not moving forward
just taking up a small place

Ponies dry

Bleed the ponies dry
kill the tears they cry
rip the final thought
speak with teeth untaught
drown the sorrows under
keep the lips uncovered
every word you speak
no one licks the cream
cats no longer need
bleed the veins deceived
find yourself in weeds
and follow all the leads
back into the self
the ponies bleed the wealth
and everything you take
break before you wake