We will be here long after the world dies for we know no death, no freedom. We will be here as the world destroys itself and watch in awe of its destruction. Everything built will crumble and every creation will know the darkness of oblivion. When the universe is silent we will still stand.


Have you ever just watched them?

Why? Have you spent time doing anything, but watching them? What else is there to do?

“Point taken.” the voice is oddly feminine like the bitter cold of a wave it broke through the unbearable silence.

“I’ve watched them since they were but tiny molecules, atoms even. I’ve never felt the need to watch much else. The cats maybe, house ones are incredible interesting from time to time.” the voice is masculine holding fire and envy, a longing one should not know in his position.

“Yeah, but I mean really watched them, know them by name, or even… what do they call it? Race?”
“I think you mean ethnicity, a much more profound concept I feel.”

“Fine, that.” there was a sigh and a flicker in the her eyes her movements like rain as she step softly toward him. “Have you ever picked one out, or a group, and just watched.”

“No. I’ve never cared much for the psycho babble of individualism they admire themselves too highly I much prefer watching the affiliated fight it out against their opposition. My favorite are the ocean groups, you would think its be the desert tribes but I enjoy the island movements, so dependant and isolated and yet in many ways harmonious.”

“You favor them for their geographic locations, you’ve mentioned it before, when you traveled amongst them. I don’t think their game plans matter much.” the joke was left empty as a storm brewed over the Atlantic. “Tragedy, or a bit of fear?”

“Taking bets? I doubt another tragedy will be occurring any time soon, none of them seem to realize the peril they are in.” standing he takes a step to the edge of the mist and watches as the signs of death float about Africa “Right now, there’s genocide happening, it looks like a water color doesn’t it?”

“One of those child drawings, the dead mere drips from fingers?” her laugh filled the air and the mist dives down into the atmosphere “Its only when you get closer it looks a tad more tangible, not paint, more like…” searching for the word she trails off reaching out to the earth her hand like a shadow below “lego’s?”

“Ah yes, like toys, ticker blocks or what have you. They don’t know tragedy, not like the predecessors now the Greeks they knew tragedy. If I had to pick an ethnic group it would have been them, I watched them almost in earnest, shame how they ended.” his eyes the two orbs on either side of his unneeded nose fixed on the waters whirled like a hurricane as he remembered what seemed only moments passed. “They worshiped so wonderfully” he grinned and raised his arms pulling the duo back into the cosmos. “Do you watch them? Individually?”

Almost shocked she turned to him with a look of terror “yes, from time to time, there is one family I’ve come to enjoy.”

“Family? You take the time to look in on then?” indifferent he began forming something, an orb at first solid turning then to ball of light, liquid and malleable .

“I watch them, it passes the time…” nothing more was sad he spent his time watching his creation grow, pondering where he would send it, without question why. He left that to those down there in the trenches. And she bored and lost in thought decided to change her body the only thing created safe to mold in her eyes.

Fallen flesh

Take this piece of me the flesh

that holds it in, pry it from

dead finger tips and let the prayers begin.

Dance upon the pale earth and sing

the souls reprieve. Take me Lord,

to the Kingdom, set this solemn slave free!

My knees so weak and rusted

over bolts of long since past

winters boiling over to Christ

locked in impasse

Souls all set a flame in demons

eyes and cake for sale

lusting after Holy lands that

bend but do not break.

Take this piece of me O’Lord

you already have the rest

set the soul on fire burst

through decayed and broken chest.

Oh! Lord dance with me subtle

a top this mound of bones

for I am lost in conquest

of souls I’ve never known.

Lord take me fully as flesh

slips from these bones

and Christ the only lover that

I have ever known.

Touch the strength of weakness

As this soul breaks free

dance in wonder with me

lift me off of dirty knees.

(February 28 2013)

Medication Roulette

Do you hear the voices?

Yes? well let’s begin!

We’ll take away your pills

to figure out how weak you are within.

Feeling fine? Let’s disregard

take them down now let’s restart!

We know best how to medicate

and it’s a game we love to play.

Let’s fill your prescription

you’ll love this new pill

we want you to take it

now tell us how you feel!

Do you hear the voices as you’re shaking

in the shower?

Blood sweat and hell bent increase the dosage

every hour!

Do you hear the voices?

Yes? well we took your pills

replaced them with placebos

oh-God! what a fucking thrill!

You want to know how long this will last?

let’s take a look no never mind you can’t ask!

Do you hear the voices?

Do you know your name?

Oh-the wait is over!

Let’s dissect this consumer’s brain!

Do you hear the voices?

No, you wouldn’t anyway,

we took away your pills

now you’re decaying all damn day!

We want to know just what happened

so we’ll dissect away the brain

you’ll never know just how you helped

you’ve given us a raise!

(February 27 2013) 

Kingdom come

Rip the rolling tundra

with mal content and lacquer

turn the clock around and

save the Queen’s disaster!

As long as ladies love

continues without laughter

then everything is fine

you’ve avoided freedoms Master.

Boil down the ice and turn

the King around.

View the world in motion

and happenstance is found.

Every day’s a struggle

when the world is set a fire

by Jester’s playing song’s

that ignite the Lord’s pyre.

Truth be told the world ends

every night it dies

and when it’s set in motion

the clock wrecks its lullaby.

Never speak to soon or you’ll

invite disaster. Queens in royal

bloom that kill all signs of laughter

never sing in tune or you will face it faster.

In Court’s revival speaks every whisper to the caster

as flames devour souls,

and the world finally pays it toll

just another relic waiting to be sold.

(February 27 2013)