Scream underwater

I want to drown
scream underwater
be profound
die with roses in my hair
talk to you as if you care
speak of me
remember where
in the garden
loss of hair
I could speak
I could share
I want to drown so beautiful
forget this world
be like the air
but I’m just sitting in this chair

Yonder years

Can’t talk about it
I don’t want to fight
I don’t even care
If I’m even right
don’t want to feel confused
don’t want to hear you shout
don’t want to feel removed
so I won’t even pout
can’t talk about it
won’t say a word
I don’t want to feel absurd
completely right but told I’m wrong
we both remember a different song
you don’t want to hear it
the patterns clear
I’m just a victim
of all the yonder years

Golden skies

Golden skies above me
filled with chantilly cream
frosted clouds of nothing
cotton candy seeds
trees always growing
growing around me
coffee rivers flooding
with our long lost dreams
golden skies of caramel
drift me back to sleep
keep me the warm toffee
keep me in the deep