The black

You wanna go to the black
to the devil and speak
you wanna conquer the world
never ever be meek
you wanna walk in the shadows
a demon on each arm
you want to roll with the darkness
live life on the cards
but you don’t know the price dear
you don’t know the cost
the price of the darkness
isn’t what you once thought
you think that it’s pretty
until you look at your hands
can’t wash them clean
can’t get out of the black



The blood drips down
from the thighs
the insides moist
and so am I
hiding in the pain it brings
the blood it drips then recedes
from the thighs
new life it brings
a drink that forces you to edge
find yourself and wage the bet
the blood it drips from thighs now moist
everything on fire by choice
blood it drips down
from the thighs
the knees together
can’t break apart
legs open when the blood starts

Where the dark things are

They all want the darkness
like it’s calling out to them
they all want the sickness
the voices in their heads
they all want the crawling
the writhing on the floor
as if it is a good thing
to always want for more
they all want to walk
with fire and with pain
as if they know the darkness
and call it by its name
like midnight is for magic
and the devil for the wronged
as if the dark will save them
and as if the light can’t see
as they lust for demons
when it’s angels that they need

Fantastically disturbing

Everything’s fantastic
we’re drowning cats in plastic
puppies die from kicking
all the people ice cream licking
everything’s disturbing
we’re drowning in our yearning
children cry from laughter
we’re clouding skies much faster
everything’s fantastic
scarring flesh bombastic
fires burn the good stuff
I can’t think it’s not enough
everything’s in the sink
disturbing cake and cream
kitten’s dying teeth
the things we think we need
so much terror in pleasure we seed
distributing fantastic things.

The house remains

Later in the evening
the doors all closed and locked
the windows all shut up now
the curtains all been drawn
everybody’s quiet
though there’s no soul to see
later in the evening
the house is finally clean
the world is all but ending
yet behind these doors one can sleep
hidden behind the curtains
behind locked doors
surrounded by the emptiness
the quietness so loud
later in the evening
when it’s all come to an end
the house it is still empty
everything still very locked up
the last of us is sleeping
dreaming in beds still made
later in the evening
only the house remains

I won’t

I won’t bleed again
though you’re beneath my skin
the essence of my soul
though this has made me whole
I won’t bleed for this
mistakes upon your lips
the stains in which do twitch
from constant use and stress
break me if you can
I still won’t sink in sand.

To find it

Check underneath your pillow
for blood and bone beneath
it lies with you in waiting
for what you cannot speak
the tooth of a lost child
and blood from sordid beast
check underneath the mattress
to find the other’s feet
the foot that has been broken
and made into the treat
the tooth beneath your pillow
the blood and bone you seek