Female lobster

Let’s be strong
empowered women
stand up and make a move
let’s turn ourselves to monsters
pour salt on reopened wounds
let’s do all this together
as we rip each other apart
the art of sisterhood
the art of playing the part
is simple animal behavior
not primate like you’d think
think a lobster pot-just females
in the boiling heat

what we have here

Lighter is better
better is pure
white is the holy
true evil is stirred
black as the berry
of sweetest fruit
cognac and menthols
we love reboots
privilege is power
the secret has grew
grew like the ignorance
that taught you to move
move with emotion
and without thought
you see dancing monkey’s
and misread the plot
lighter is better
if skins what you want
your mind went somewhere
somewhere beer is not
your mind is racist
why isn’t that clear?
you see whatever you want it to be
gorilla is racist
and so is watermelon
because you think black people
even when they haven’t been mentioned.

Teenage superheroes

Teenage superheroes
we’ve got saviors
who can’t buy beer
but they will save us
from our fears
wondering why
they can’t just have the career
no acceptance to the stars
but they will change this world of ours
tear it down and build it up
they will save the lot of us
teenagers who will create
the kind of world they think will stay
permanence they have yet seen
death though witnessed means nothing
teenage superheroes scream
they will save us
they will save us
from what we’ve done
they don’t know their history
but they will save us all today
children do the darndest things
save the world-save dream!

The little head

The problem with women
is Jeremy Meeks-
you see a sweetheart
a right sexy beast.
The problem with women
oh women you see
they think with their clits
though they won’t agree
won’t share the secret
the secret is key-
most are just desperate-
both dumb and naive,
see a sexy man
and go numb instantly.
One might see Meeks
and think he’s so handsome
but when you find out
what he has done
you should turn back, yes,
you should just run-
a man who beats children
is truly a thug
but women oh women
they don’t think things through
yes women oh women
they think with their heads-
the one in their pants
not the one on their necks.

Goodbye White Gorilla Tribe

Everybody loves Africa
everybody loves the tribal scene
nobody knows which is which
everything the exact same thing
take a Zulu headdress
take a Massai ‘theme’
add an additional blanket
and those pretty neck rings
everybody loves Africa
though no one really knows why,
do you even know Africa
or just black America’s insight?
Everybody, yes, everyone
has a soft heart for what’s become
of our vision of who they are
all the people of Africa
it’s diverse but we don’t see
all the differences we’re blending
Nigerian is not the same
as Ethiopian or Eritrean
some might argue it’s all one dream
the same culture-an African thing
but then you see what you’re missing
the individuals in an entire country
all are from distinct unique countries
a thread of Africa through each heart beat
but everybody knows where they are
what blood boils in their veins,
where they call home at the end of day,
what their braids mean and what colors say
who they are and who are they
they know the differences we call the same
so when we celebrate when we give thanks
remember we all love Africa, love Africa
love to appropriate select things we see
anything goes when you love pretty neck rings

knowledge is power

Take a lesson
make it quick
this one
you should not forget
pay attention
get it right
soon you’ll need this
simple guide
soon you’ll have to go
and try
try your best to stay alive
turn and run you may just die
listen up to learn to thrive
if you don’t you won’t survive
but we see it in your eyes
you can’t listen
hardly speak
you’ll have nightmares
before we reap