Broken heart

Rip my heart apart
make my blood into art
paint a beautiful picture
keep my bones still thicker
beat again and breathe
apart I can now see
bleed the last of me
finally broken free

Take away

Take the spite away
take the rage I cage
I just want to feel
relief from what’s not real
all my life I ponder
thought at once I’d wander
drive until I sleep
somewhere new and free
chained myself by fear
faith I thought held dear
but all my words were empty
I wish I had the time
memory of wine
blood that kept me clean
take away the screams
keep the shame at bay
Oh Lord I feel insane


Dancing in the moonlight
waiting for some fun
sitting in the darkness
waiting for the blood
want of something different
something new for once
dancing in the moonlight
I begin to strut
drinking in the darkness
dancing in the blood
droplets on my lips
warm and so much yum
everything is darkness
I cannot yet see
where I will be going
or how I got to sea

Blood diamonds

Blood diamonds on the water
in the veins and in the fodder
everything feels tasty good
the kind of thing misunderstood
the taste so sticky sweet in sin
the kind of thing you don’t let in
the kind of craving that kills the buzz
the open ended kind of love
blood diamonds kiss the sky tonight
off the ground the world so bright
as you eat the tasty right
the kind of drink you thought you chewed
blood and gold they drain your youth

Oil pastels

Everything is blending
the colors start to swell
I’m desperate for the taking
colored slowly while in hell
blending all the accents
keeping definition numb
everything is bleeding
the colors start to give
weeping out the sorrow
telling empties how to live
everything is moonlight
but colored as sun glow
everything is blended
nothing parts
and nothing shows

Drink runs dry

We wait to drink the blood
wait for peace to run
for drink to give us dry
for weeping eyes to cry
we wait and run to it
the glass that fills our lips
we watch and mourn secure
empty like the words
and is it just the bitter
running over thicker
we wait to drink the blood
this problem comes undone
for grace and favor feel
the taste it is surreal
the blood that quenched the thirst
the drunkard tells it first
we wait for dead to feed
that offer us their drink
we suck it down with ease
but forget the one we grieve


The blood drips down
from the thighs
the insides moist
and so am I
hiding in the pain it brings
the blood it drips then recedes
from the thighs
new life it brings
a drink that forces you to edge
find yourself and wage the bet
the blood it drips from thighs now moist
everything on fire by choice
blood it drips down
from the thighs
the knees together
can’t break apart
legs open when the blood starts

To find it

Check underneath your pillow
for blood and bone beneath
it lies with you in waiting
for what you cannot speak
the tooth of a lost child
and blood from sordid beast
check underneath the mattress
to find the other’s feet
the foot that has been broken
and made into the treat
the tooth beneath your pillow
the blood and bone you seek