The blood drips down
from the thighs
the insides moist
and so am I
hiding in the pain it brings
the blood it drips then recedes
from the thighs
new life it brings
a drink that forces you to edge
find yourself and wage the bet
the blood it drips from thighs now moist
everything on fire by choice
blood it drips down
from the thighs
the knees together
can’t break apart
legs open when the blood starts


To find it

Check underneath your pillow
for blood and bone beneath
it lies with you in waiting
for what you cannot speak
the tooth of a lost child
and blood from sordid beast
check underneath the mattress
to find the other’s feet
the foot that has been broken
and made into the treat
the tooth beneath your pillow
the blood and bone you seek


Underneath the flesh
underneath the teeth
the nails you bite
the blood that bleeds
flooding all that’s underneath
makes you sick
and question self
disgusted by
what rots in hell
demons feast off what we’ve lost
the discarded waste and undiscussed
broken skin and shattered spine
won’t go out look at them dine
teeth that gnash but never cut through
underneath the sickest virtue
you have licked the boot beneath
broken nail and gnashed your teeth
kiss and drink the blood abound
you can hate it drink it down

Spinning in

Spinning in the aftermath
drinking in the sin and ash
all that ever comes to pass
will leave you rotting in the mass
the pile that’s been left behind
of flesh removed and cyanide
lips that fall on broken skin
feel the blood drink it in
feel it on your teeth and tongue
spinning in ashes and sin for fun
death will come when you sleep
rip out your gums
and keep the meat
spinning in life moments weep

Old blood

Rivers flowing thick with blood
the oceans once no longer in love
as death it burns never undone
the bleeding rivers run thick and flood
pouring rain oh so slick
the oceans dead no more are the fish
the world becomes so dark decayed
death a mistress no longer swayed
soothing souls no longer in love
the rivers run thick with the old blood


Take my head
rip it from the flesh
take my skin
you have the rest
and all the blood
just take my thoughts
drive forward what isn’t yours
I played the part
got lost inside this head of mine
took it as an inspiring find
you held my breath
and let me drown
dry it was but I fell down
take my head
collar the throat
if you think we’re done here
you haven’t yet spoke
for you have my head
my flesh and my heart
so now I am here to rip you apart
take my head
rip it from my bones
leave me nothing here
I’ll make this place my home

The devil comes

The blood drips from the whitest walls
the house it’s covered in the fog
the witches cry, the children call
the devil comes from underneath
in your flesh her words you speak
the blood it drips so cold and thick
the madness consumes
and you will quit
life becomes so over it
the blood consumes the house and fog
the witches have died the children all fall
in your teeth you feel her kiss
the devil comes she brought you this