Sleep to dream

He is a genius
a man who knows just how to talk
he walks on water while he stalks
he is a genius
brooding bad but oh so sweet
he is the only one
she thinks of when she sleeps
he keeps on watching
and she takes comfort in his wings
he’s like her angel
though he is dark and sometimes mad
he is a genius
where could there be a better man
he is a creature
an exotic kind of cream
he can be anyone
as long as she can sleep to dream


Shattering skies mean nothing
when the world has turned to ash
the rain that fell from heaven
was never meant to last
forgotten are the angels
existing in between
the world has lost its merriment
rather listening to screams
shattering skies mean nothing
as everything’s already lost
when rain falls down forever
and no one sees the cost
we dewinged the angles
and lost all the love


The comfort in the choice I have
the comfort that disgust
if I want to not exist all I do is thrust
press a little deeper or simply drink too much
a passive suicide or aggressive thank you done
the comfort that I find in this
is the choice is mine
I don’t have to think about the sorrows or goodbye
I can just take one breath admit I’m out of time
forget the rest and dump the gift
it’s all a matter of mine
so I admit I mustn’t trip I merely serpentine
the thought it comes and then it goes
running through my mind
to know I have the final say
the decision always mine
a lick of control and wouldn’t you know
I’m living still kept breathing
in a world of chains at least I know I’m fleeting

Bring on the knife

Bring on the knife
let’s cut too deep
we’re all looking to lose sleep
to be afraid of monsters clear
cut that vein the wrist it’s near
bring on the knife
let’s get to the point
you want a story
we all want a drink
bring me the blade
and let’s cut too deep
we’re all looking to lose it
to destroy the high
stay wide awake don’t sleep at night
bring on the knife
burn fear into bones
we like to bleed
and know where to go
how to see the beast
without losing one’s soul
bring on the knife
teach them to bleed
we all want fear to fuel all our dreams

No memory

I’ll break out
leave this place somehow
drop these chains so loud
shake the ground
I’m gone now.
I’ll leave this place
no memory
I’ll let it go
this time for me
I’ll walk this road oh you will see
I’ll take the path less meant to be.
I’m gone now
left this place and got out
broke the chains the ground shakes
I left this place
no memories
you don’t need any more of me.

Withered needs

Too much on my head
I got too much on my brain
it’s all drinking up my soul
zapping energy
can’t think too much about it
can’t write a single verse
got rhymes inside my head space
got monsters to be birthed
but everything is stuck there
a flood with no movement
I can barely breathe here
in the stagnation of the pen
realities have conquered
and sent me right to sleep
but the dreams I have intensive
breaking down my withered needs