When to go

I keep speaking wanting more
can’t stop drinking on the floor
can’t be anything but here
a board for you to walk on dear
don’t mind me you never do
I’ll just be here just for you
when you want me pull me up
pour another bitter cup
give it to me nice and slow
so I never know just when to go

How to read

Don’t want to see it
the writing on the wall
so defeated
the words don’t mean to fall
I just can’t read it
can’t hear the message in the air
I don’t believe it
I just hear it everywhere
and now it’s gone but
I never knew that it was near
don’t want to see it
now that it’s gone I cannot cheer
I never needed
anything but words you see
didn’t hear them
forgot that I know how to read

City rain

Lost little kittens
cold and in the rain
they mew because they’re miserable
wet and filled with pain
walking on the city streets
concrete erodes paws
the pads turn to bones
as they keep walking on
the road growing colder
the light hurts their eyes
lost little kittens destine here to die

Different dream

Looking little better than it did before
like the views the same from the valley to the floor
as everything is better but it means the old same thing
never really mattered even when I am in scene
the picture may be different the sky is always blue
looking little better than the previous afternoon
everything is meaningful everything is clean
everything’s the same better though it’s all a different dream

A drag

Take that smoke in
dirty lungs
I don’t really give a fuck
undertow but over foot
I don’t really like your look
they face you got
makes me angry
take in smoke
just to hang me
dirty lungs and fucked up knees
I don’t remember how to cream
screaming like a cat gone mad
take that smoke in
life’s a drag