How to kill a mockingbird

How do we like
our stereotypes-
old school baby-
we do it right.
get that theme tight,
don’t make Han Solo
that open delight
gotta give it to Lando
to the black guy
keep him over sexed,
sex him just to do it,
get the stereotypes out
and wake the dead.
Lando Calrissian
the new Star Wars
token rapist
an idea given
by an
old rich white woman

When hunger fades

Empty stomach cramps and sings
tells me all about dying
how it feels and where we’ll go
if and when starvation grows
food I need-I’m not recovered
yesterday I ate like normal
now my mouth is dry and closed
if it opens no one really knows
I can’t swallow hardly breathe
death plagues my thoughts
oh woe is me
dramatic to say I can’t eat
though honest to God I’m too weak
crying while I struggle to chew-can’t eat
empty stomach cramps and sings
looking at a full plate I’m dying
looking at a full plate mouth goes dry
looking at a full plate my stomach
goes quiet.


Drunk and alive
for the first time
feeling high
the chance to dine
on flesh
every vice and every right
sold for another good ride
harder still than cotton
moth balls on my clothes
everything is candy
and then the light goes black.

When the dead could speak

In the end it’s history
rewrite what you can
make your life a hero’s tale
make yourself seem grand
grander still you will become
break the records, steal the sum
buy the moonlight for your bride
rewrite what you might not like
all the darkness, all the night
erase the times you fled the sight
in the end it’s all history
we rewrite what we can
change the narrative we read
burn the pages that we can’t
make yourself the savior here
even though you ran
still you breath while others don’t
giving you the pen.

Children take care of their parents

Don’t blame the parents
don’t blame the home
don’t blame the decisions
just go with the flow
cry about evils
in our government
don’t blame the parents
who gave birth to these kids
blame the county
the county they invade
as they have more children
in the hopes they can stay
don’t blame the parents
who use children
like tools
a means to circumvent
our country’s rules
to hope they get amnesty
but they didn’t think
what happens to my children
if my deportation they seek-
what kind of parent
has children just to sell
to sell them the moment
they get threaten with jail
so they must leave
never thought of their children
never thought to be
more aware of what to do
how to live their lives
the kind of parents
that would give themselves
so their children can survive
don’t blame the parents
just blame the world
because if the parents have failed
well that’s just absurd
it’s not their own fault
they’ve lost their children
they just meant to use them
until we chose to admit them.

Pour it out

Pour it out
the colors of me
break the bones
reveal the weeds
tell me more
more of what you see
and keep me close
this love beneath
souls that blush
and spirits crumble
pour the real truth
from the bubble
and take the rest
the sum, the whole
take my red blood
turn to gold.

Stare into the sea

Drifting in the darkness
the cosmos under sea
oceans baring over
the heart is under siege
everything is starlight
though everything is black
darkness taken over
the world will not come back
drifting in the empty
the barrenness of night
the soul has overcome
the flesh that held its life

Anti is the new pink

Grimes what a little girl
oh how she loves the world
oh an anti-capitalist
she knows how lucky she is
that fans
don’t really understand
that if
she’s truly an anti capitalist
that she
she’d be doing this
for free
and don’t you say
she has to make a living
you can stay
off the grid away from doing
what you hate
and so passionately
want to destroy
but see she’s playing
with her toys
she’s got a bank account
and cashes checks to pay the bills
she’s investigated
all her boyfriend’s union deals
pretend is fine
but when you take it
quite this far
oh yes you are
a hypocrite in clothe and garb
it’s all the same
you are the company you keep
lovers that you seek
you are an extension of these
because we are
we are what we surround
he hasn’t left this ground-but
my boyfriends like so cool now.

Purpose driven

Sometimes I panic
my world flattens
everything is up
in the air
nothing is certain
I’m guessing it’s worth it
but I’m not even sure
I am here
sometimes I panic
thinking about it
knowing I could lose
my home
but faith says to have it
take the pain and manage
to continue moving on
and know
sometimes in darkness
we fail into this-the distress
that unravels bones
but if you keep moving
watch the improving
the struggle is in keeping
the goal.

Liberty dies in thunderous applause

Is Charlize Theron
returning to South Africa
with her kids to escape racism?
Does she know
what her homelands doing?
Does she care
of the blood their perusing?
She’d be safe
but only for a time
because she’s not a framer
but even rich don’t clean white
so when her kids turn their backs
will she remember then
her time in America
and fear for her kids
was South Africa the answer
when they take your land
repeat the evils of the past
but this time no one’s sad.
Is Charlize Theron returning home
without the past or present known?