Plan of Action

There’s a crack in the sky

Oh my! Oh my!

There’s a cloud passing by

Oh my! Oh my!

Buildings tumble down to the waterside

rapid waves drowning all inside.

Damning this earth with its

pieces of sky come by, come by,

breaking down the world

we sigh and sigh.

There’s nothing left of the ceiling

there’s no sky, no sky.

The stars begin to shatter dropping daggers

from up high.

The sea becomes the air, oh why! Oh why!

Stars become the arrows- run inside! Inside!

Whales passing by windowpanes afire as we

watch the cracks fly higher!

A snow globe we explode heading toward the sun

Deeper the water goes we exhale now this is fun!

The water rose, air composed, and now good and dead

we propose. A plan of action!

There’s a crack in the sky- oh my! Oh my!

My calendar reads July, goodbye, goodbye.


(June 25 2013)

Innocent story lines

Once upon a time, they said, it would go away.

The world would die and I’d be fine,

never have to run away.

But the world kept living and so I ran.

I fell through a hole, got lost in the sand,

The wind covered my tracks, the hole, and me

I got lost in Neverland, Wonderland, in Hell.


Once upon a time, they said, I would live a thousand joys,

but every night I lost my voice in this damned ol’happy land

there was no crime other than to survive,

and I could never seem to die.


Once upon a time, they said, it would go away.

The world would die and I’d be fine,

it never, ever, happens this way.

Lost deep under the desert so pure, lonely

with demons, my own I’m sure.

Lost just like Alice with nowhere to go

I plead for my Pan but they always said no.


Once upon a time I was lost in Hell

The devil gave me shelter, a knife, and a well.

Every time I took a drink he would laugh and ask for blood.

I’d take the knife, it was alright, the water quenched enough.

Every night I lost my voice, I had no choice but to stay,

They promised the world would die and I’d be fine,

but the devil always got his way.

(June 24 2013)

Cirque Du Enfer

I might be okay,

but I’m not fine at all.

All these shadows are singing across all my walls

and the shatter and boom of the stereo loud

my hands are shaking building a ground.

Lost in the woods this funny sweet clown

she’s manic and driven to hell she is bound.

And the words just keep slipping and teasing her tongue

Oh! the no’s that committed her don’t know they did wrong

and the light is just slipping like glass from her hands

that cup of spilled milk is now coloring sand

and the moment she twist under bed sheets a plenty

her eyes are betwixt her bodies just empty.

Oh! Lord do you renounce the faith of the plenty

where room lights bedazzle and guard towers shower

on down like the rain drops of candy clean skies?

With a whisper this jester she falls and she dies

hidden in a room filled with puzzle and art

purple blue curtains she’s alive in her ark

savior’s always dancing and laughing like demons

outside they are shadows covering the cretins.

Oh! mazes of coffee and strippers galore

the world has turned laughter into its dirty whore.

Oh! spinster’s on fire on wheels of desire

laughing like maniacs

dowse them with fire.

I’m fine,

But alright I’ll go to the slaughter

Like cattle with prods I no longer falter

Because this clown dies and I reemerge

a psych-o-clown jester with bitter for words.

(June 21 2013)