Champagne singing

Tell me what you see
inside the pink champagne
tell me all the bubbles sing
drink the sound away
and dance until the morning comes
the light begins to sway
dreaming in the honeycomb
the milk and flowers pray
tell me what you see inside
the golden ring displayed
the pink champagne and bubbles clear
the sound of singing can be heard
tell me what you know
do you see the sunshine bleeding
the flowers never grow

The garden

Burn it, burn it right now
make it ashes
salt the ground
nothing can grow here
not without say
I hold the key here
I won’t be swayed
burn it all down
and salt the ashes
nothing will grow here
I am the master
of this garden of weeds
and dead flowers
these withered old things
I keep them forever
burn it, burn it right now
make sure you salt the ground
keep the ashes
don’t forget
nothing will grow here
this moment in time
nothing will change here
the garden is mine


Didn’t know truth
didn’t know what’s real
didn’t even know if
I could even feel
numb to the pain yes
numb to the screams
I wanted to die but
never knew the need
didn’t know the truth
didn’t know what real was
didn’t know in my youth
what was normal because
I didn’t know the truth
about being human
no one ever told me
I was just left musing
a child being lied to
and making things up
just to make sense of it
normals enough


The world is a bubble
a tiny little place
a world inside it’s center
our world always encased
surrounded by the same air
looking at ourselves
reflection in the skyline
our visions colored with light
the world inside a bubble
ourselves do we only know
the light that wraps around us
doesn’t actually help us grow

The woman in the mirror

Everyday I see it clearer
the woman in the mirror
I’m starting to recognize
that I’ve always been her
that I’ve not changed
only grown and made
made a better me
a realer version so to speak
everyday it’s getting clearer
I really want to be her
even with all the past mistakes
the woman in the mirror
I see her face like a picture
it once was blurry now I’m seeing
starting to actually believe it’s me

Unicorn whispers

Paper dolls and ribbons
never in between
girlhood always screaming
coming after me
with memories of innocence
or what it could have been
paper dolls and ribbons
lace dresses everywhere
growing up is difficult
with porcelain in the air
the unicorns are whispering
dancing on the fields
paper dolls and ribbons
burning in the reels
everybody watching
on the silver screen
the unicorns are whispering
and then the innocence leaves

Danger sitting

Danger sitting in the bed
with a grown woman who’s said
I’m a girl in one way or another
this chick ain’t bad just immature
won’t grown up its kinda absurd
act in charge like they work so hard
crying like a child
when they get paid large
don’t know how to act
so they blame men
danger is sitting in bed with them
little girls couldn’t be so damn grown
twenty fucking something years old
danger is letting women be girls
you’ve already grown up
but this time is yours
just so you know it’s silly at best
make your own life
or you’re just making a mess
danger is sitting in bed with women
grown ass adults pretending to be children
this is what we’re left with
this is what we’re given

When I see myself

When I see myself
I burn a little
hear the heavens cry
I die a little
when I look in the mirror
can’t stop the tears
I’m the saddest actress
in only thirty years
when I see myself
I burn a little
can’t help but cry
I die a little
can’t stop the tears
or begin to try
I’m a monster baby
and I can’t keep lying
I don’t love myself
not the way I am
I’ve tried for wings
but the horns keep growing
I burn a little
and I keep on knowing
I’m a monster baby
and when I look in the mirror
can’t help myself
I die just a little
I’m a monster inside
I can see it in my eyes
when I see myself
I don’t want to see myself
I burn a little
can’t stop the tears
I’m a monster baby
been one for thirty years
I use to think
wings would suit me fine
but I fear I’ll die
before the heavens stop crying
when I see myself
can’t stop the tears
I burn a little
each time more severe
I’m a monster baby
nothing left but rot
I’m the kind of girl
that you should’ve forgot
heavens calling my name
but these horns weigh me down
I burn a little
when I see myself

Out of my hands

I keep moving when everything stops
sometimes I wonder if you fell off
no longer on the tracks cause you think too much
no longer thinking fast stuck in the past and stuff
I keep moving forward trying to get back to the point
I sometimes have to wonder if you got stuck in void
if maybe you don’t love me like you tell yourself you do
or maybe our plans aren’t important
at least not like you planned them to be
that maybe I keep doing me because it’ll never keep
I keep moving forward when everything has stopped
I keep thinking we’re together
but sometimes I wonder if you fell off
that I’m alone in the train cart
and we’re moving way too fast
like you don’t really love me
and you’re just stuck on the past
like I keep moving forward forward with our plans
but nothing becomes nothing
because it all falls out of my hands