Blue violets
under sun
burning brilliantly
come undone
petals charred
but never wither
broken leaves
stem is brittle
blue violets now
are black
burning under
flesh intact
cinders glowing
all of orange
the blue is gone
the ground is sore


Bottles broken

Bless the game
my tragedy
this life I lead
so woe is me
break the bones
in crosses worn
work with nothing
my heart is sore
broken bottles
and empty cages
bless the burdens
that became me
bless the tragedy
that made me.


Those that walk these winding roads
they that follow the stories known
that keep the wisdom deep at heart
adventure brews within the dark
keep on moving, never slow
for in hesitation your weakness grows
those that wonder are often lost
and those who lost the path get written off
quiet are the stories of those that wait
that don’t get told or replayed
as minds will wander when their bored
adventure cures the curse of ageing.

Frame the jigsaw

Separate the piece within
from the rest that’s been given
the puzzle paints the vision red
and leaves the rest soaking wet
every piece a perfect picture
of the words you never say
everything you sound display
dark and black just like decay
the soul that birthed the picture
left a hole inside you can’t forget

Below the mirror

I’ve seen the light
behind the eyes
I’ve known were mine
I see the truth
the burn beneath
the wood
I know my face
better than if I could see
I’m not displaced
though this wreckage is me
I am bereft of honesty
when worlds begin to form
I’ve seen the light
behind all I was before
the thorny bloom
the wounded flower
all my petals;
blades and swords
I’ve been the poison
the toxic spore
sweet as honey
and red like wine
I’ve seen the light
beneath all that’s mine
I see the truth
behind my eyes
mirrors shattered
I divined everything
I pushed in rhyme
broken drunken all again
I look back at what I’ve been

When you dance

Blooming fire,
time to pass,
everything will start at last
the life you’ve given
the heart you’ve bled
soon the nightmares die again
everything will come to end
all that’s broken here will mend
God has captured all of me
I praise the Lord still on my knees
in the fire I find peace
everything will turn from weeds
all my shattered broken things
will find new purpose, new beginnings
I thank the Lord for all I’ve been
the pain, the hatred, the poison I’ve fed
I praise the Lord for all my scars
this turmoil and torment it all makes sense
I praise the Lord for the grace I’ve met.

Dear America

I’m sorry America
for turning my back
for being ashamed
of the gifts that I have
for mocking my freedom
and turning my eyes
from all of the privilege
you’ve given my life.
I’m sorry America
for denying my plenty
for believing the lies
and forgetting
your memory.
I’m sorry to say
I’ve been rather blind
forgetting that America
is where one can thrive
I might be poor now
but the choice is still mine
to open a business
or give dreams a try
like writing these poems
or publish a novel
I don’t need anything
but choices to follow
it might not work out
but you’ve given me
the chance
I know now I’m lucky
you’ve given me the path.
I’m sorry America
that I couldn’t see
that so many in the world
honestly wish they were me
poets that come
from lands that still stifle
artist that died
because they disagree
I can see now
I am truly free.
I’m sorry America
for being so dumb
but it’s just like America
to let youth be young.

Without regrets

Regret, everybody got regret
everybody got something
about who they used to be-
and if you are really clean
nobody gives a damn,
you live a life nobody can.
Regret, is kinda human man
an emotion triggering development
you learn from the things that you did
learn the lessons and get on it
why we pretending
our mistakes don’t live
making up excuses
and break the bed
turn the picture round so you’re glad
never admit a fault
or get up off the lawn
make your grave right there
because it’s not your fault
never regret a damn thing-
the whole game lost.

Petals birthed from thorns

I walked away
found a road
I should’ve known
I took the darkness
made bitterness my home
I am a rose
in thorns only this I know
I’m not a queen
worth innocence
in name or deed
I am the poison
in the tiniest of seeds
I’ve planted toxic
while kissing I find my own
a place like heaven
where I’d no longer be alone
my debts are many
but the price I will absolve
my time is plenty
all I’ve become and much
much more
I’ll bloom with color
burst these petals from
this thorn
I’m still quite deadly
but I know what I want more
I have roots growing
they push deeper
deeper than before
and I’ll grow bravely
brilliant and reassured
that heavens waiting
once I open up that door