Golden skies

Golden skies above me
filled with chantilly cream
frosted clouds of nothing
cotton candy seeds
trees always growing
growing around me
coffee rivers flooding
with our long lost dreams
golden skies of caramel
drift me back to sleep
keep me the warm toffee
keep me in the deep

Such a long time

I’ve been waiting such a long time
just to look into the mirror
to see my face again
to know that I’m still here
I’ve been waiting such a long time
a long time just to see
if my sins have changed me
or if I’m still clean
have I lost myself dear
to this bitterness
can I still repent if this is all there is
I’ve been waiting such a long time
but in the end it’s me
the face within the mirror
sins and eyes complete

Lessons that I’ve

Lessons that I’ve learned
should’ve known when I began
should’ve learned before
before I broke all the windows
ended up on floors
lessons that now I can teach
preach them from the walls
should’ve known before I did it
should’ve listened well
lessons that I’ve learned
now I know to tell

When to go

I keep speaking wanting more
can’t stop drinking on the floor
can’t be anything but here
a board for you to walk on dear
don’t mind me you never do
I’ll just be here just for you
when you want me pull me up
pour another bitter cup
give it to me nice and slow
so I never know just when to go

Learning bed

Stunted by my learning bed
kept so quiet like the dead
trapped inside my heart so rubber
kept myself from drinking covers
death in watch and wait you see
the monster of the lessons keen
stunted by the blood that drips
falls upon such silent lips
trapped inside my rubber heart
not for longing the song forgot

Remember yesterday

History in black and white
waiting for the rearview light
keep on speeding on and on
keep on singing the same old songs
never forget and never let go
keep on gripping the flesh grown old
history in skins that scar
everything is bitter and far
over the moon and under the hill
keep on the road don’t hit to kill
waiting for light in the dim moonlight
history in black and memories all gone
the white in this purity a beautiful new song
we’ll forget tomorrow remember yesterday

Think I’m

Think I’m crying cause I miss you
think I’m going half insane
missing the hell you brought me
missing all that pain
I keep screaming darling
I keep asking please
think that I’m going crazy
missing all the tears I bleed
then it all gets clearer
while I look through the smoke
I don’t miss all the pain
I miss the ending of the joke
the part where we’re all laughing
acting like a family
think I’m going crazy
missing all that abuse
then when the smoke gets thick
I know I know the truth
think that I’m moving faster
moving far from you
think that I’m making progress
think it’s another breakthrough