Give me bones

Let me at it
let me back in
heal me doctor
make me feel again
I’ve been dying
for better or worse
I’m ready for help now
it’s all a curse
I’m asking for something
something to save me
I know it’s a long road
but I’m ready lately
can’t help but wonder
how much weight I’ve lost
if I am still here
and at what real cost
I’ve been a ghost dear
and I’m ready for flesh
give me some bones here
teach me to walk
let me back at it
I’m ready to stop


In the woods

Then the sadness comes
it lives between your skin
soft layers let it in
let it drink from blood so red
as lips that live again
apples paint them then
the sin comes under nails
youth will sell this tale
of fear that only forms
from growth and well earned
sores, the bruises sold
and worn.


Let’s move on
thank you
let’s get gone
keeps moving
momentum never stops
it’s churning
burning castles down
It’s fog
obscuring vision
you don’t want to see
let’s move on
before we bleed
thank you
thank you, next
on me
cry for help
what else it be
you got problems
they got trees
moving forward
gets pleading
do not learn
the lesson shallow
mist that obscures
the visions Hallowed
comes to an end
see through
Heavens sent
let’s get gone
just keep on moving
thank you
but I’m still perusing
get the taste of everything
I say I’ve learned
but it has no meaning
thank you, next
a cry of fleeting
let’s keep moving
let’s get gone
before we see meaning
in what we’ve done wrong

Fountain of youth

They learn so fast
move so quickly
they know the map
they just turned fifteen
we let them run
run before they crawl
don’t know their feet
but they’ll do no wrong
confused and emotional
they learn through error
but with no experience
success looks like a failure
they learn so fast
and fill in the blanks
when children don’t grow up
their minds don’t age

Who needs the night?

Burning, burning, burning bright
pull the fear out of the night
send the children out to play
give them back the light of day
remind them they are not to stay
stay at home and be safe
part of youth is danger and challenge
break a bone learn how to handle it
burning, burning, burning bright
help the children take back the night

All pleasantries

Burn the letters and the games
break the table and the frames
shame the self that swore to this
gave into ignorance
and ultimately bliss
the happiness that comes from
only pain
the dreams in the head
the urge to pray
burn all the letters
forget what they say
everything glitters until it decays

No longer

The light that shines
through darkness
never really seen
the broken doors and windows
leave entrance for the thieves
I’ve been sitting sick and pretty
waiting for the end
dying from the inside
the sickness in my head
the light that shines so brightly
through darkness and through hell
brings comfort without vision
making masters out of shells
hunk of human flesh
enough from the start
broken is the brain
creating all the parts
the light that shines
through darkness
makes my body gold
a broken doll no longer
my faith has made me whole.