We are women

Women hate other women
women hate competition
especially when they’re weak.
Women love to destroy
play hard with all their toys
break them and then they cry-
women are something special
commit crimes get labeled angels
kill their children get off easy
cheat and lie never called sleazy.
Women do atrocious things
beat their children, kill their kids
far more often than the men
we hate ourselves
but we let live
all the women
who’ve ever destroyed
broken down other women
used children as ploys
women are not simply special
we make fools out of the devils.


we make so many today
we take so many mistakes
we break all kinds of stages
and play that it don’t phase us
just drip on down that grape vine
don’t comprehend just decide
and make the feelings feel right.
we take so many things in
we grow a thicker dead skin
we find ourselves so willing
to do the things we don’t need
drink the wolves-sheep’s clothing
the cotton sticks-your choking!
and everybody knows it
your throat it almost closes
they’ll check you in the morning.

Arissa’s creed

Don’t kill the magic-
that’s her real creed,
don’t tell the mundanes
what the supernatural means,
don’t reveal the secrets
of the universe,
don’t tell the other living
how the afterlife works,
keep the dead from breaking
the wonder of the world-
just stay dead
will tell you
why magic is the cure.

The art of listening

Talk, talk a little then
talk a lot,
say so many words,
no thoughts.
All you say
you don’t mean
just talk, talk, talk
then you leave.
Talk, talk a little then
not at all.
You didn’t get
the response you want,
you didn’t get
total control
so you close, closed
that door.
Talk, talk a lot,
talk plenty, but not at all
say nothing
you didn’t mean,
you just talk
to say something,
talk plenty
then not at all
you didn’t get
the response you want
so you talk
to say nothing-
guess that’s why
you ain’t listening.

Nasty thing

All the trauma overcome
my battles won
but here’s the fun
true fear comes from
knowing love
owning something
you won’t give up
willingness to feel happy
safety is a nasty thing
comfortable and so it seems
until you dream the dying dream
fear of your own mortality
creeps upon your shoulders stay
yet you still remember the days
days when death would have been
so sweet
but knowing love has made you weak
fear the end and losing sleep
all because you have the dream.

You always wanna win!

It’s in her eyes,
she’s deadly
and she wants you,
lips and a viper tongue
knows no truth,
sits with a smile on
even while she’s grieving,
making all the money
on suicide and cheating.
She always knows
the thing to say
life is so damn fleeting,
but she digs a shallow grave
for all her love is bleeding.

When you dance

Blooming fire,
time to pass,
everything will start at last
the life you’ve given
the heart you’ve bled
soon the nightmares die again
everything will come to end
all that’s broken here will mend
God has captured all of me
I praise the Lord still on my knees
in the fire I find peace
everything will turn from weeds
all my shattered broken things
will find new purpose, new beginnings
I thank the Lord for all I’ve been
the pain, the hatred, the poison I’ve fed
I praise the Lord for all my scars
this turmoil and torment it all makes sense
I praise the Lord for the grace I’ve met.