Wigs hang from the ceiling
candy plagues the shelves
lining up the floorboards
counting all one’s wealth
chocolate covered nails
the press on kind with paint
wigs hang from the ceiling
the clocks all ticking late
the floors covered in sugar
the kind you shouldn’t taste
wigs hang from the ceiling
all the flesh has been replaced


You’ve never been loved before
it’s all been lies
been strung up by words in kind
spoken by the devil’s son
the world he bought it comes undone
burning housing the window panes
don’t know how to become saved
you’ve never really known true love
never known the taste it seems
it’s all been lies and made up dreams

When to go

I keep speaking wanting more
can’t stop drinking on the floor
can’t be anything but here
a board for you to walk on dear
don’t mind me you never do
I’ll just be here just for you
when you want me pull me up
pour another bitter cup
give it to me nice and slow
so I never know just when to go


Twisted higher than before
the rope it holds you ever more
keeps you knocking on my door
keeps me always feeling sore
twisted once again
higher than within
a different colored sin
pastels to that black again
keeps you always wanting it
twisted higher than before
breaking off what isn’t torn
everything in place
you know I crave the taste

The devil is quite fascinating

The devil is quite fascinating
darkness is seductive
getting lost inside yourself
a tempting kind of offer
never looking quite outside
never feeling sad
the devil is a great companion
when you’re going mad
darkness is so quite seductive
everything obscured
knocking down the empty bottles
everything unfurls
the devil is quite fascinating
until you see the light
what’s hidden in the darkness
will haunt you in the night

The man

Surrounded by my golden visage
I contemplate what I’ve been missing
how much further I could have gone
if this will make another hit song
would it be louder if I was a man
would I be prouder to be who I am
would I feel better
have myself together
have more money in my bank account
fill the museum with visitors now
sitting amongst all I own
I think being a man would make me whole
that maybe I’d feel better and bold
get more than I have ever known
what more could I have
I don’t know
but if I was a man I would
know just what more I could
and as I sit with all my wealth
I contemplate the loss I’ve felt