Burning white

I breathe
something useless as words
I breed
the creation of things
things that mean nothing
but everything
words that dream of being something
I bleed
and rainbows drip slowly out
I cut
tell you what creativity is about
hell is
a fire that never dies
words that refuse to thrive
a rhyme with good time
I bleed and dine
in white

Between it and us

Darkness surrounds the light
suffocating it just right
soft and tenderly
it strangles until she screams
the darkness drinks her heart
burns her until he starts
starts to feel something
from hearing all her screams
darkness surrounds the light
suffocating her just right
he struggles just to survive
soft and tenderly
he mutes the screams tonight

We in this

We in a mess again
got too many
fucking compliments-
it’s ridiculous
how the hell we live
in this shiny
messed up world
of bliss
we all so fucking special
we know too much-
it’s hell though
to be so smart and able
but know nothing
in spades so
we all confused and angry
so frustrated and hating,
jealous of our best friends
hate our children and then
forget what responsibility
and real is
the truth a product of crazy
we all delusional,
that shits hazy
our eyes are fogged
but we’re lazy
in a mess again
this shiny world of bliss
we forget who we is
and fall again and again


Let’s move on
thank you
let’s get gone
keeps moving
momentum never stops
it’s churning
burning castles down
It’s fog
obscuring vision
you don’t want to see
let’s move on
before we bleed
thank you
thank you, next
on me
cry for help
what else it be
you got problems
they got trees
moving forward
gets pleading
do not learn
the lesson shallow
mist that obscures
the visions Hallowed
comes to an end
see through
Heavens sent
let’s get gone
just keep on moving
thank you
but I’m still perusing
get the taste of everything
I say I’ve learned
but it has no meaning
thank you, next
a cry of fleeting
let’s keep moving
let’s get gone
before we see meaning
in what we’ve done wrong

My burden and yours

Let me be honest
I am a burden sometimes
when I have a freak out
it’s like living on ice
I’ve got some problems
that could give you your own
I know I am a burden
it is my life after all.
Let’s just be honest
my symptoms affect you
I may be suffering
but you’re human too,
you won’t say the words
so let me just speak them
I am a burden
the burden you choose
I may be difficult
but let’s not get confused
difficult isn’t unwanted
unneeded or unloved
when I say I’m a burden
it means I’m something
others would give up.
Let’s just be clear
you’re a burden too
think about your illness,
disability, and truth
you can be quite difficult
and many will be pained
nobody is infallible, perfect
or a saint
everywhere there’s someone
who wished they hadn’t met you
so don’t forget there’s burden
even when you’re feeling special.

Family talk

You smell like cheap perfume
you hug me until I gag,
can’t remember the last time
you were really quite as fat
you hug me and say you miss me
Say you love me to the moon
and back

but I’m not back
and I don’t appreciate the gag
the jokes on you
because I’m tired of being used
you give only to take
the mistake is my own
you think that you are special
but your more common than mold

You smell like cheap perfume
it suffocates the room
I’m only here to be polite
it’s a holiday and I abide
you hug me until I gagged
then you look around and laugh
disrespect is relative
and I’ve heard
where your words been

Fountain of youth

They learn so fast
move so quickly
they know the map
they just turned fifteen
we let them run
run before they crawl
don’t know their feet
but they’ll do no wrong
confused and emotional
they learn through error
but with no experience
success looks like a failure
they learn so fast
and fill in the blanks
when children don’t grow up
their minds don’t age


Little words that say too much
broken sentences and stuff
stuff that’s said without a thought
words they meant something
I forgot
little phrases left behind
the world they lost them
can’t think of why
text and structure
left without goodbye
little words that say too much
left unspoken and out of touch
never thought it’d come to end
you read exactly what you’ve read.