who created who?

Harboring the patriarchy
within your womb
the son you have
will become
the harbinger of doom
everything you believe
he will contradict
even if you raise him right
he’ll still have his prick
the phallus that oppresses
and turns you into tits
the baby controls everything
the son within your womb
a feminist might raise him
but the patriarchy rules
so when you have a child
especially a son
how do you deal with motherhood
when it makes you problem number one
the source of all the problems
and violence in the world
feminists may birth them
but then it’s just their sons ruling the world.


Pay to play like everyday
save the cash to upgrade
never do but it’s all the same
got the money and all the stuff
I feel good and that’s what’s up
but I’ve paid double
what this game cost
just like my real life
I’ve paid too much
I’m broke and I’m empty
with so much digital stuff
the game isn’t fun now
now that it feels
I thought I was escaping
but game budgeting is real
I play in the safe lanes
and don’t push the system
don’t buy that potion
save for that mission
don’t use that item
you might need it in the end
don’t spend the experience
wait for that move instead
choose the right color
and answer that will
get you a happy ending
a platinum and still
still I haven’t played
or even gone outside
when did video games
turn into my real life?

Breaking and entering

Tonight we find ourselves with dear little Madison. Her pretty little head filled with sugar plums as she snoozes delicately on her pillow. Our girl doesn’t hear the window break, but she stirs. Her breathing slows the blankets crumple at her waist as she finds herself on her back. Deep breath in, her chest rises, something isn’t right. There’s a creak-it’s the third step. Is Ari home? Madison wonders as she makes her way to consciousness.“Shit!” it’s said under breath-it’s not Ari. Madison’s eyes fly open-it’s not Ari! Heart pounding she’s forgotten where the bat is. It’s right behind her door, but she’s not thinking clearly.
He’s on the final step. Her room is to his right. “The diving knife” she gasps reaching under the bed, hands meet sheath, as the doorknob begins to turn.
Deep breath Madison this bad man is coming in! Her eyes already adjusted to the dark narrow as she pulls the knife to her side “get out” she growls firmly, he laughs seeing her on the bed immediately undoing his zipper. Wrong move! Leaping towards him she strikes with the butt of the knife screaming wildly “I warned you!” again and again the butt falls she’s not sure where all she sees is red. “this is my house! My house! And you’ve ruined it! You ruined MY SAFETY!” again and again she strikes he’s on the floor now trying desperately to cover his bleeding dome. “This is my home! Mine! You don’t fucking belong her!” hot tears stream down her face, she feels nothing, but rage. Madison, sweet, sweet Madison seethes seeing nothing, only feeling, feeling the need to protect. To live. To get rid of this intruder at all cost. He can’t flee, but she doesn’t know. He tries to push her off his arm meeting the naked flesh of her abdomen-wrong move bandit boy.
She turns the knife, the metal sings, our lady roars and everything is painted in wanna be theif blood. Breathing heavy her face dripping with his life “I warned you. This was my home, mine.” Tears mix with the blood as uniformed men run up the stairs Ari visible behind them. A neighbor saw him enter and called. There was no time. “I told him to get out” she says numbly as a blanket falls onto her shoulders the blood mingling with the fabric.
The officers stare down at the body “I’d call this excessive-” the words stop as Ari reveals a dozen or so bills held in an obsidian clip. “Get the body out of here, woman was in the right.”
Staring into nothing our girl Madison nods slightly mouthing with a faint smile I warned you.


Breathe in, breathe out
die quick or live in doubt-
can we live like this again?
Have I shed my thicker skin?
Broken what might have been?
Have I left the wisdom well-
lost myself returned to hell?
Breathe in, breathe out
live it through or die without-
can I find the peace inside
make this sadness burn so bright
burn away the pain and sorrow
can I reach my dreams tonight?

The world lives too

they live in the real world
the world doesn’t stop
everybody’s living
and addicts can’t get off
the planet keeps on turning
and nothing goes away
even though you’ve quit
the shelves will still remain
stocked and fully loaded
waiting to be purchased
and consumed
addicts have to live
continue to keep breathing
cannot touch a drop
or grab the substance
that they’re fiending
no they must keep on living
with everybody else
addicts have the problem
not everybody else
do not make excuses
let them live their lives as well
let them know existence
won’t change because of them
addicts must be stronger
and allow the world to turn
you are stronger than
the hunger and the thirst
can’t ask everybody
to give up what you did
they are not the addict
and you have to let them live
whether they’re your friend
husband or your child
they must be allowed
to live as they might want to
it may be a hard
a hard reality to swallow
but part of addiction recovery
is accepting the hard truth
that others don’t have the problems
the issues that you do
and the world will keep on turning
and the shelves will all be stocked
you cannot escape reality
you have to accept the truth
recovery is hard
because the world is living too

Listening well

Simple are the things
that we like to forget
simple little answers
solutions we don’t get
everything is borrowed
arranged for you today
the things that we don’t use
they never go away
fester does the rat
birthed within this hell
simple are the answers
when you listen to them well