By any other name

Caravan of bicycles
makes its way
across the walls
invisible or well erect
they will get in
they just haven’t yet
come on trains, in trucks
now bikes
they will get in
they’ve set their sights
this is where they want to be
so they come in droves, en masse
they ride their bikes
they will get past
hoping no authority
will catch their criminal activity

Use every part

Blue bones
cheeks cold
everything is dead
the world will rest again
and we’ll remain off set
red lips turn grey
the tongue that hesitates
the words that go unsaid
the tear drops of green sweat
they’ll eat away at flesh
the orange that fades with it
teeth of blood and gore
your finger nails upon the floor
the devil rides your soul
to war

Room for rent

Inches of skin crawling
off walls you’d deem appalling
red like blood it oozes-dripping
dripping and dropping to it
to the floor that’s made up
of muscles and tissues that flare up
swollen and sore their useless
for anything close to movement
but squishing and squashing for you if
if you can free yourself of it the grip of the lungs
keep pursuing oxygen breathing it burns this
ember of flames and slit wrist breaking the bones
for carpet over the muscles and tissues
like tile it’s style an anthem of biology held for ransom
inches of flesh worth pursuing an image of death
for reviewing standard and yet consuming.

Guiding cinders

Burning under bridges
river water boils
stones begin to sing
the steam kills the wind
and we stand on cinders now
the ground has given out
but still we stand above
the burning bridge an ash haven
everything makes sense in time
the path burns before it dies
find the words and stay beside
the friendly embers that protect
and guide
you’ll find your way at night

Bought broken bones

Bones are broken
time is lost
we’ve wandered
the desert
through the water-
the drought
drinking the sand grains
washing with sun
blisters on skin
the damage is done
broken are the bones
in wrists and in neck
hands rendered useless
I long to forget
but my feet keep on forward
through this hell I have wrought
I simply woke up here
this hell my new home
I never knew purchase
but I bought what I own.

In the Congo

Black face
tar laced
everything is dark
evil is the aftermath
of nightmares being taught
struck down, drunk now
masters in the garden
everything is darker
when you think
it’s always haunted
taunted, soft lip
grips have given way
you think this is one thing
but I think you’re a slave.

Two gentlemen arrested at Starbucks

The real problem
with black America
is loitering
at Starbucks.
Can’t buy a cup of coffee
so the cops show up
been told to make a purchase
but it’s too damn much
telling these police
that we ain’t leaving
because we got a business meeting
something that’s about to change our lives
but this white bitch is discriminating
the police is racist
the world just hates us
white chick post this video
but black America is safest-
when segregated.
White saviors make you realize
black America must be weak
can’t make a simple purchase
or make the right choice to leave
got no business loitering
but this is racist best believe
these two black men have been sold,
oppressed, and beaten-
doesn’t this get old? Or does it really
beg repeating?