Wake up

I just had my coffee
but now I’ve lost the taste
lost the feeling of accomplishment
from moving out of place
I just had my coffee
ate a piece of bread
took out another notebook
working always fed
I just had my coffee
but I need a cigarette
lost the feeling of accomplishment
and have no real regrets
starving for a purpose
a sense of satisfaction
a feeling of accomplishment
and coffee in my head


Simple whispers
simple lies
run across the spine
glorious though it might be
the thighs are wet
and so are the knees
poison on my mouth
lips have trouble figuring it out
wanting more than just a rub
the tongue it tickles and then
it’s done

The hero in you

Everybody wants to be a hero
but no one wants to feel the fear
everybody wants to be a hero
but can’t be helped to hear
everybody wants a bad guy
we love a madman or so we think
everybody wants to change them
give them love and make them see
everybody wants the challenge
but don’t want it challenging
they don’t want to work too hard
and they never want to lose a thing
everybody wants the courage
be brave and save the scene
but nobody got the common sense
to see how very different
it really is to be the thing
that you say you want to be
it’s not that you can and don’t know
it’s that you’re a coward and let it show
wants can come and feelings go
but not everybody’s a hero that we know
gotta go through fear to learn to scream
gotta brave the darkness to be free
gotta keep repeating and doing it again
because if everybody was a hero
we would see that heroes save the day
while everybody watches
nobody wants the debt or to pay the cost
everybody’s a hero when nothing can be lost

Floods and brooks

 I am ice
my blood is water
made of vice
and unclear fotter
eaten by the barrels long
my blood it boils then it’s gone
taken as a gift in rags
dressed a table for the slab
my ribs done
over cooked
this ice it floods
my body a brook.

(18 August 2017)