Little bleeding hearts
tiny useless hands
burning like a sun
creating who I am
a willow once on fire
burning as the sand
into glass my bones break
my eyes melt into my skull
little bleeding hearts shake
the ground you walk upon
tiny useless hands burn
my body comes to life
evening is weakness
in the evening of blight


The bluest black you ever did see
that cat it barks like bad poetry
it sings with strings it makes no sound
walking with hands paws to the ground
we ask why expecting no answer
we don’t want to listen
this time or after
we make decisions like others write sin
take in the smoke so we might just live
the bluest black sky the sun’s ever seen
under the water our skin dried unclean
the pleasure we fell from a knife in the neck
we wonder why things aren’t different
but we ask the fish flying at night
if we could change make this thing right
giving opinions like water to air
the lungs may breathe it in
but the ears choke on fluff
words keep on speaking
but it’s just not enough

Survival instinct

I don’t want to mention
the evil in intentions
when you giving you yourself to play
who sold you a false sense of dignity
a monster who has yet ever had to pay
for crimes they commit and admit today
for a piece of every person
only wants to excuse
every single bad behavior
that resulted in abuse
for drugging and then robbing
men who you lied to
so you asked them if they wanted it
took it like survival
but you ain’t no Mike Tyson
you just living without trial
admit it like Polanski
and act like its okay
don’t matter what your reasons
your intent was to drug’em and get paid.

Blood heirs

Take what you will
take what you can
before you discover
who I really am
before you see me
me as a threat
before you are begging
begging to forget
take what you will
take what you want
drop all the context
say what you got
are you looking
for a new shot
a way to make bullets
drip from my heart
take what you will
take what you want
before you discover
the wars I have fought
you don’t belong here
here where we stand
standing as family
you rip from my hand
take what you will
it’s all that I am
speak with context
say what you want
tell the whole world
its you they should want

I don’t wanna hate you

I don’t wanna hate you
but I think I do
I think I hate you more
than I’m allowed too
I could boil water
or cook a fucking egg
I’m so goddamn heated
I’m melting time and space
can’t put it in perspective
can’t put it in its place
I don’t wanna hate you
but in the end I do
I hate you more than ever
ever thought I’d have too
I don’t wanna bleed this way
I don’t want to feel
feel as though I’m drunk off rage
too high to even heal
but after all the shit you did
I’m higher than a cloud
burning like the sun
I don’t think there’s a way out
didn’t want to hate you
but I guess it’s clear I do
can’t put it in perspective
but I understand the mood

Turning in the circus

Turning in the circus
drinking in the glee
smoking up the colors
bleeding from the sea
everything is tasty
the earth feels quite a home
turning over flowers
growing all alone
burning in the lungs now
take another drink
the clowns have all been coming
the smoke is all around
turning in the tents
the new is so profound

In the ball pool

Tripping on the plastic
I’m falling it’s fantastic
drowning in the ball pool
crying if only I could
I’m tripping over nothing
laces without shoes
dripping from the soles
screaming if I could
breathing only inwards
exhaling now absurd
tripping over plastic
I’m singing in the rain
drowning in the ball pool
I’m drinking in the pain

Leave Paris alone

I don’t want to cry
record a video and sigh
sigh while losing my mind
why do we want Paris to die?
Egging on suicide
keep reporting until she tries
let her go just like the truth
we don’t want facts
or even proof
I don’t want to be so upset
but this begging for suicide
I don’t get
why we want to see her fall
would her death pacify us all?
Would we feel like it is proof
facts and all the fucking truth
a guarantee her father was bad
that he in fact was a horrible man
would her suicide make it better?
Say goodbye to goodwill forever
let’s all just take a bow
it’s time that we knock out
waiting for a young woman to die
this ain’t the world we should invite
awaiting suicide
is this how we want to survive?
Placate and say we tried
no we tried to get her to die
to slit wrist and say goodbye
will we report the facts this time?
I don’t want to cry and repeat
but this reminds me of Brittney
so I’ll write what I do say
leave Paris alone
this isn’t okay.
Stop begging for suicide
for her to relapse and want to die
for a young woman to show
all signs of letting go
leave Paris alone
but we know the headlines won’t
so why don’t we all just admit
we want drama with no news in it.

The thing about royalty

Little singing princesses
singing lullabies
dancing for the audience
acting in surprise
little singing princesses
dressed in red and white
creating waves of pink
swirling before their eyes
everybody’s clapping
smiling real wide
singing little princesses
give the crowd a ride
everything is better
with these girls on the nine
singing lullabies
and working for applause
little singing princesses
working for the cause