Down her throat

She’s a snake
she’s a viper
got that poison on her teeth
she’s watching
she’s waiting
she’s always just beneath
watching you from windows
from within your head
this woman she’s a freak
but never in your bed
she’s poison that you want
always in your head
she’s a snake
a fucking viper
got that poison on her tongue
lashing out in public
lashing out for fun
she’s watching and she’s waiting
she’s moving in to kill
she acts like she’s in charge
but really she’s in tears
for she’s a fucking viper
a broken devil undeterred
she’s a poisonous woman
she’s a real bad girl
others may look up to her
but she is just a joke
a poison on her teeth
slowly dripping down her throat

Purple roses

Bleeding purple roses upon a white altar
drowning in the blue buds and the tide
seeds all floating in the ocean
the midnight painting all the sky
rising from the wave foam
thriving but not alive
bleeding purple roses upon a white altar
drowning on the surface
bleeding colors into blight
floating in a garden a sea of red orchids
drinking in the poison the sea all I have left

Cut loose

Let me tell you once again the truth
burning into darkness I’m the muse
I will boil over in my skin
crazy isn’t where we even begin
I will rot you out to your core
and I won’t even get off of the floor
I’m the bitch you run from in the dark
into all those nightmares that I start
you think that I am lying because I’m cute
because I’m the sweetest girl you ever knew
so let me tell you once again the truth
I’m the one who will run you into booze
make you feel like doing heroin
I am not the girl that you let in
I will cry and scream and drive you mad
turn it all around and throw it back
I’m the muse for all that you could want
show you what you’re made of
and how far you’ve gone
inspire you for greatness then retract
let me tell you I’m the girl that’s bad
I’m the one who’ll hurt when you love
I’ll be the one that nightmares are made of
let me tell you once again the truth
I’m the kind of girl that you cut loose

The poison

Drink away the poison
in your bones is pain
living like a serpent
breathing in your veins
drink away the darkness
blow away your dreams
exhale just enough
not to make a scream
drink away the poison
for in your flesh there’s pain
break away from sorrow
remember your own name

The angel in me

Love me when I’m terrible
that’s what they all say
love me like you mean it
like it won’t go away
I’m the piece of rot
kept between your teeth
the piece of loving decay
killing you with me
love me when I’m terrible
that’s what they all say
until I break your back
and then you walk away
I warned you all about it
said that I’m not sugar
you put me in your coffee
you said you like it bitter
the darkness in my soul
you decide to hold
I’m breaking down your body
killing off your soul
and when you walk away
you might feel something
love me when I’m terrible
like you’ll wake the angel in me