Star bed

I fell across your sky so willingly
like fire in the midnight you call to me
I’ll drown within your ocean
the waves beneath my skin
I’ll die before you love me
but I’ll still always give in
I fell across your sky so ignorantly
burning in the twilight you used me
too guide you into dreams true beauty
I fell across your sky filled the stars up
I wanted you forever wanted so much
like fire in the midnight you call to me
the ocean in your eyes wash over me
I fell across your sky so willingly
I was alive in that star bed

If I knew

If I knew then what I know now
I’d try to do it all the same
get to where I am today
live with all the sorrow and pain
too wake up knowing it’s still okay
if I knew then what I know now
I’d tell myself not to change a thing
though a temptation it might be
stay the girl you always hated
just so one day you can face it
turn around and look in the mirror
see your face and be glad to be her

Kind of life

Plead with me
drink my bones
take the feed
bring the flood
drown before you know tomorrow
let go of all that real sorrow
drown in liquor and in lies
the kind you tell yourself at night
alone in covers made of glass
plead with me
and drop the act
drink my bones and drown forever
in the misery I take pleasure
plead with me
and know my name
take the drink and drown in time
you’ll never know this kind of life

Through windows

I’ve been watching through windows
falling through doors
trying to find how to settle the score
fire burning brightly
killing me slow
I’m asking softly for you to let me go
burn me to cinder
and blind me in gold
I’ve been watching myself die
no longer a living glow


Surrounded by the mist
the grey smog underneath
the skin that crawls and wrinkles
surrounded by the fingers
that twist and pull apart
drank the drink of wiser men
clouds that tear and shatter blend
surrounded by the gift of dreams
the billowing smoke
the skin beneath
surrounded by the oceans wide
the blood that fills it leaves the eyes
surrounded by the fog in me
underneath the skin that sings
mist that twist and turns around
amongst the underneath
we find the ground

Down her throat

She’s a snake
she’s a viper
got that poison on her teeth
she’s watching
she’s waiting
she’s always just beneath
watching you from windows
from within your head
this woman she’s a freak
but never in your bed
she’s poison that you want
always in your head
she’s a snake
a fucking viper
got that poison on her tongue
lashing out in public
lashing out for fun
she’s watching and she’s waiting
she’s moving in to kill
she acts like she’s in charge
but really she’s in tears
for she’s a fucking viper
a broken devil undeterred
she’s a poisonous woman
she’s a real bad girl
others may look up to her
but she is just a joke
a poison on her teeth
slowly dripping down her throat


I am the princess lost
lost to disillusion
in a world so ruthless
can’t find the means to use it
the voice beneath these lips
the tongue that thoughts so kiss
broken little dreams
useless little things
I am the princess lost to flowers
open hearts that belong to cowards
cads that lose their dignity
begging on the floor for me
disillusioned but still glad
this world is ruthless
my mind grows mad

Singing of

Fading into twilight
dying breath so right
the sweet aroma filling
my lips they twitch the feeling
everything in stars and patterns
dancing into nothing matters
drinking in that sweet cream
the stars that drown into deep
fading into the night
the wrongs they turn so right
dying with no breath
the twilight singing of death