Out comes the knife

Into the veins
into the tear ducts
into your eyelids
outcomes the secrets
burnt from the lies
that paint up your tongue
burning with questions
what do you love
breathing the air
and burning from sun
lips haven’t healed
bleeding from gums
into the veins
these wounds won’t heal
trying to remember
what is not real
into the tear ducts
out with the lies
no one is crying
just keep getting by
outcomes the secrets
the pain that you hide
into the veins
out comes the knife


The way you love me

Tell me I’m special
then show me how
throw my ass
right on the ground
beat me senseless
about my spine
break my bones
and take my hide
tell me you love me
then show me how
how much I mean
bleeding on the ground
tell me I’m special
tell me I’m loved
then show me how deeply
the knife has now dug.

Sleep to dream

He is a genius
a man who knows just how to talk
he walks on water while he stalks
he is a genius
brooding bad but oh so sweet
he is the only one
she thinks of when she sleeps
he keeps on watching
and she takes comfort in his wings
he’s like her angel
though he is dark and sometimes mad
he is a genius
where could there be a better man
he is a creature
an exotic kind of cream
he can be anyone
as long as she can sleep to dream


Shattering skies mean nothing
when the world has turned to ash
the rain that fell from heaven
was never meant to last
forgotten are the angels
existing in between
the world has lost its merriment
rather listening to screams
shattering skies mean nothing
as everything’s already lost
when rain falls down forever
and no one sees the cost
we dewinged the angles
and lost all the love

At the throat

Let’s fuck baby
get it done quick
let’s fuck love
and take another hit
oh baby don’t act
like you don’t know
please don’t cry
when you open that door
let’s fuck baby
it’s all the same
when you think about it
and feel the shame
let’s make choices
really bad mistakes
be no wiser
when we hit the grave
let’s fuck baby
don’t think about the days
don’t remember nothing
just keep it all in place
let’s make moments
pride in what we don’t
never done nothing
but choking at the throat

Seven simple arbitrary numbers

I love you
don’t you understand
you are
like my biggest fan
I adore you
even though we’ve never met
I know you
and all about your circumstance
do you want me
tell me everything
that you got off me
like a little birdie I sing softly
so don’t you ever speak just listen
when I’m talking
you want me
I love you oh so much
and now we’re walking
you’re like my biggest fan
don’t you understand
cause you still want me
as I shove you off a cliff
you’re falling
falling faster than I can catch
just keep calling and calling
I love you
even though we’ve never met
you’re like my biggest fan
I won’t forget
but then again we’ve never met
I love you
but more so I just love the checks

Will to survive

They’re coming
they’re coming for me
not saviors
not saviors you see
the demons have come
they’ve taken to me
those that should love me
they’ve let me down
I fought for this life
but I’ve been the clown
the demons have knocked
on all other doors
I can’t keep them out now
they’ve come through my floors
bleeding is black
when you’re all alone
I won’t come back
I’m done waiting for
They’re coming for me
coming for me
they’re breaking the seams
arms ripping from
no legs in harsh shackles
they’ve come they are here
no saviors in sight
it’s time to decide
do you continue the fight?

Eyes on the ceiling

Eyes on the ceiling
true love forgets
children don’t die here
though often regret
the dreams that we had
we all have left
gaining a rainbow
colored death
broken like glass
good porcelain
the mirrors all shattered
the silver is lost
eyes on the ceiling
sins they have watched