The angel in me

Love me when I’m terrible
that’s what they all say
love me like you mean it
like it won’t go away
I’m the piece of rot
kept between your teeth
the piece of loving decay
killing you with me
love me when I’m terrible
that’s what they all say
until I break your back
and then you walk away
I warned you all about it
said that I’m not sugar
you put me in your coffee
you said you like it bitter
the darkness in my soul
you decide to hold
I’m breaking down your body
killing off your soul
and when you walk away
you might feel something
love me when I’m terrible
like you’ll wake the angel in me


She cheated

She cheated
she lied
she said that she loved him
she cheated
she lied
she said she’d always want him
but she ran around
with every boy in town
and left him crying all alone.
Other girls they cheered
it really hurt my ears
to hear all that applause for his tears.
She cheated
she lied
she said that she loved him
and now that he’s gone
she’s taking another
a lover to who she’ll still be untrue
and the other girls cheer her on
they cheer her on yes they do.
She cheated
she lied
she said she’d always want him
but she ran around
and now he’s alone
and the crowd keeps on cheering
the girls are on one side
and I’ve lost my hearing
she cheated
she lied
she treated him badly
but the girls they still cheer
they cheer wild and madly.
She cheated
she lied
and we wonder why boys cry
when we leave
after all the hurt we so sweetly bring.
She cheated
she lied
and the boys they now avoid her
and the girls they wonder why
they no longer adore her
cause she cheated
she lied
she said that she loved them
but she didn’t
and they know it
and now they’re gone.

The slow break

I’m sick and twisted
over moderately disturbed
but when you miss it
you’ll just make it worse
don’t dismiss it
just sit and listen
if you can’t hear me
then just get lost
because every single second
is a second cost
and every single moment
I remember it all
mind will play its tricks you see
I will remember everything
but nothing is what it seems
no, I can see what’s happening
I am sick
my mind is twisted
part of why
I can’t feel this love
it is gone as I am ill
one day soon I’ll know
how loss feels

Bad girl summer

Bad girl summer
it’s just what we do
our time’s over
we got much to pursue
looking for new love
but nothing from you
bad girl summer
we breaking the rules
crying and lying
lost in the glitter
showing the skin
clouds getting thicker
I’ll say that it’s you
but we know that it’s me
I broke the rules
like the bad girl I be

Finding me

I thought I loved you
then I walked further on outside
I saw the real sun
the kind you can’t hide when it’s this bright
I thought I knew trust
like it was something we just do
like, I like this person so I trust them that’s the truth
but it’s not true
I never trust a single body
I never let them in though they thought I did
never spoke the truth to nobody
I thought they loved me
made excuses every damn day
why’d they forget me
why didn’t they invite me to stay
I thought you trusted me
that I was the dramatic one
saying you only come around when you need something
that’s for sure
you only came around when you needed me
to do what no one else would get done
I thought we were more
lovers and friends alike
but I got played hard
and at the very end of the night I walk home alone
don’t get no call in the morning, no
I just walk on alone
and realize I never felt anything close to love
because I never trusted you
nor did I really have respect
you thought you knew me
but you haven’t learned a damn thing yet
and now it’s over
so neither of us will know
what really went on here
I guess we’re just footprints in the snow
I thought I loved you
but I was too guarded to see
that I didn’t need you I just needed somebody
something to cling to
while I was desperately finding me.

As the enemy

As the enemy
I cannot breathe today I swear
but you don’t hear me
even though you say you care
and you look through me
you look past and stare in silence
you just move me
stop the dialogue and cut the mood
I mischose but I chose you
and everything falls to my knees
my feet are covered
all these excuses I don’t need
because you don’t care
you don’t care at all so you
you just want to speak silence
looking past me as you often do
as the enemy
I get no say in how I feel
you just forget me
and leave whenever I might spill
I’m allowed so many things
until they come and go at you
if I don’t like it
it’s just the food that I must chew
as the enemy
I’ve got no single defense
because you won’t speak to me
no unless it’s you I offend
you got so much to say
but when I feel because of you
it’s not the truth displayed
because you silenced those words too
as the enemy
I don’t get much to say at all
no I just keep it all along
and in the end it’s still you I want
so I go on
persist as what I am
the enemy
and the one that cannot stand
so here we go again
I’ll smile and nod to you
and you can forget me
and what you are is my excuse.

Out of my hands

I keep moving when everything stops
sometimes I wonder if you fell off
no longer on the tracks cause you think too much
no longer thinking fast stuck in the past and stuff
I keep moving forward trying to get back to the point
I sometimes have to wonder if you got stuck in void
if maybe you don’t love me like you tell yourself you do
or maybe our plans aren’t important
at least not like you planned them to be
that maybe I keep doing me because it’ll never keep
I keep moving forward when everything has stopped
I keep thinking we’re together
but sometimes I wonder if you fell off
that I’m alone in the train cart
and we’re moving way too fast
like you don’t really love me
and you’re just stuck on the past
like I keep moving forward forward with our plans
but nothing becomes nothing
because it all falls out of my hands

Message sent

I think I do better
better without you
got my head all cleared up
and a whole new outlook
got a message in a bottle
and it says you’re not mine
I think I do better without you
so I’m reading it all the damn time
ain’t really that simple
but it’s not complicated
I may want you a lot
but my ass ain’t that jaded
the message that I got
says you ain’t my savior
and not actually my friend
so I think I’ll do better
without seeing our end

What we’ve lost

Pastel colors plastic cars
everything a work of art
the world we dream in
the world we sought
a world on fire
true love forgot
plastic covers metal doors
thirsty for what is more
more than plastic
more than this
dreams of worlds less ignorant
in plastic hearts we find no love
just simple pleasures
no one above
everything a work of art
no trying here just what’s forgot