Wigs hang from the ceiling
candy plagues the shelves
lining up the floorboards
counting all one’s wealth
chocolate covered nails
the press on kind with paint
wigs hang from the ceiling
the clocks all ticking late
the floors covered in sugar
the kind you shouldn’t taste
wigs hang from the ceiling
all the flesh has been replaced


I sit inside this teacup
boiling off the sugars
the cream upon my skin
dripping off of shoulders
back into the water
sitting on the rim
everything is crystal
while I am porcelain
I sit inside the water
the teacup overflows
everything I am
now we’re in the cold
I sit inside this teacup
and drink myself to death
inside all of me
is all that I have left

Oil pastels

Everything is blending
the colors start to swell
I’m desperate for the taking
colored slowly while in hell
blending all the accents
keeping definition numb
everything is bleeding
the colors start to give
weeping out the sorrow
telling empties how to live
everything is moonlight
but colored as sun glow
everything is blended
nothing parts
and nothing shows

The petals

And all at once
all of the sudden
there is a rose just under skin
translucent flesh then petals begin
it grows without its stem
it’s petals so delicate and thin
vibrante as it should be
it’s roots they’re found within
the home of what it could be
all out of sorts it seems
all at once it’s hidden
the rose beneath the sea


I want to be tangled in her tongue
drunk off words and lungs
the air you can’t keep up
the sounds a lot too much
and everything is skin here
everything is flesh
the kind of floral pattern
that burns beneath the chest
that runs away with vision
keeps you tangled in the night
the tongue that keeps you healed
drunk off her lips insight