At the end

I’m the one you thought of
in your last bad dream
the monster in your closet
the one that you can’t see
you feel me on your lips
and feel me in your skin
the flesh that burns so hollow
let my games begin
I’m the one you thought of
when the fear did come
it burned you to your core
and now my job is done
you won’t forget the fire
or lose touch of fear
I’m the one you thought of
when your time comes near


Strip me down to nothing
tell me what you see
so you still really want me
when there’s nothing but disease
when all the pretty flesh is gone
and there’s nothing in between
all the pain and rot inside
laying underneath
next to you no longer hidden
all set up for display
do you still want me
when all the pretense goes away

Dinner for two

Cornered but unafraid
I’ll sink my teeth in your flesh again
take a bite and spit it out
don’t know how this taste so round
you’re full of flavor with nice texture
cornered me but I dine with pleasure
I’ll taste your throat and suck your eyes
think I’m afraid but I’m starving inside
need to fill myself when you
the rotten flesh you try to soothe
I’m in a corner but unafraid
I’ll sink my teeth in once again
and when it’s over you’ll have no flesh
I’ll eat you down to the bone my friend


Pour the powder in the eye
bleed the wrist ’til arm is dry
burn the hair and pluck the lashes
wish for more time if you haven’t
tear the lips and clean the gums
we will soon be having fun
light the powder with burning hair
take the flesh so unaware
peel it back and drain the fat
the day has come
and you have passed
take the teeth and cook the back
the body gone repurposed at that


Out of the back of the head come the maggots
eating away at still living dead flesh it’s tragic
you cannot see them for lack of real sight
insects have come eaten out your eyes
and everything happens so very slowly
as your eaten alive truly and wholly
out of the back of the head come the maggots
truly they fester from your greatest habit
thinking too much and overheating the head
can’t lay back down can’t find the bed
just sit in that chair in that dirty little kitchen
as every piece of flesh is eaten so very delicious

Time decays

Fire blossoms burning flesh
death becomes the ignorant
those who touch but do not heed
warnings given graciously
never a need but spoken anyway
you simply threw the warnings away
fire blossoms burning your flesh
they called upon you so ignorant
burning the eyes so beautiful
those who touch the ones harmful
hands that pick and pluck and bend
kill the flowers snuff the flames
your flesh it burns as time decays