I want

I like simple things
reds and greens
double long dreams
sweet cream in drinks
and powdered sugar teeth
I have but simple wants
girls in lacy leather tops
men in bright bow ties
children surrounded in lies
everything in mint chocolate
simple things yes I want them


I want to be tangled in her tongue
drunk off words and lungs
the air you can’t keep up
the sounds a lot too much
and everything is skin here
everything is flesh
the kind of floral pattern
that burns beneath the chest
that runs away with vision
keeps you tangled in the night
the tongue that keeps you healed
drunk off her lips insight


Who are we today
another picture perfect play
a face to love
a voice to covet
who you want
but that one doesn’t
for I don’t know who I am
but there it is
the master plan
I see what I like
another pretty face
a style I want
a personality on display
who are we today
who we’ll be tomorrow
another picture perfect moment
another thing we’ve made
for I don’t know what I am
who it is I’m meant to be
for I don’t know myself you see
who are we today
made up of pieces played
like dominoes lined up
I fall to a pretty cup
that pattern looks like me
or who I’d like to be
based on things I’ve seen
but not who I might be
who we are it’s malleable
based on pretty things
drives us mad
it makes us sad
as we can’t ever feel

In the darkness

I don’t want everything
don’t want to try
to do it all by myself
shoulder it with pride
I don’t want to be alone
I don’t want to hide
the fact that I’m lonely
in the middle of the night
I don’t find strength in it
and I don’t care to try
I’d rather be in love
let go of control
never really wanted
a true leading role
I don’t need to be
a hero or goddess
I just want someone
to hold in the darkness

Sings like

She sings like midnight
the sweetest rain
the darkest satin
the saddest face
the kind of girl you dream about
that sings of heartbreak
feelings drown
the sound so fitting
glitter fades
beyond pearl lipstick
her face remains
a long lost desire
once a large flame
the kind of fire living
for a lover’s song and game
she sings like sweet midnight
and dances without a move
she sings like sweet rain
on a delightful afternoon
drowns her stories down now
and sings of heartbreak so true

Nothing pretty about

Truth at the end of the line
it hurts real good like it was a lie
like the pain that you’re ready to fight
feels right in front of you tonight
but it hurts with its honesty
like damn he really didn’t love me
like no he didn’t even like me
just did it to say that he could
like he got me in his bed so good
he didn’t love me though he said he did
we weren’t even really friends
then you notice the truth at your door
you find it hard to settle the score
like he didn’t love you but you loved him
he never really thought you were beautiful
truth is he never thought much of you at all
truth at the end of the line hurts
hurts more than it feels worth
but the truth is that it’s beautiful
it might hurt now but it turns to growth
he didn’t love you but that’s okay
you loved him true then he went away
truth hurts when it’s honesty
honestly there’s nothing pretty about pain

Never known

Broken bones are twisted
quite beyond reprieve
as she sits and listens
to the sounds beneath
the burden always listening
always dreaming through her teeth
wondering what became of
the mother she thought she’d be
broken bones are twisted
they have not healed with time
her brittle bones all missing
the will to finish growth
she sits in the old attic
pretending she knows how to sew
she gives things away like presents
but they never take them down
no her bones are so twisted
they never think they’ll be found out
the burden always listens
to the sounds from below
as she mourns the life she’s missing
the life she could have had
but never known


Separate and repelling
this heart beats
the flesh is swelling
burning hot
my mind is melting
separate never touching
eyes they see
and tongue may taste
the air it carries
the flavor my way
lips they’ll be yearning
the flesh does still want
separate repellent
it’s all that I got