Scorched earth

I scorch the earth my darling
leave the air aflame
I’ll salt the ground you walk on
just to improve my day
if you are the problem
there’s no reason for me to stay
I’ll burn the bridges manically
leave little to no sign
you’ll remember my face honey
I won’t forget the time
but everything is ashes now
or so soon it’ll be
I scorch the earth my darling
don’t ever get the bad side of me

If you need me

If you need me
I won’t be there
just a reminder
I ain’t nowhere near
I left the bottles
empty on your floor
got myself out
left from the front door
got drunk off rage
left you behind
if you need me
I won’t be there
grown to weak
for this woman to care
if you got problems
I suggest you solve them
it gets cold
when nobodies there

In that way

I must be crazy
but you don’t give a damn
just get hazy
living out in the sand
you must think that
something specials in the air
you read red ink
and think that you get it anywhere
I must be crazy thinking ’bout you
like you’re someone that still matters
like my heart is on the floor
still left in shreds and tatters
everything is nothing left
I must be crazy and full spent
but you don’t give a damn
or so you say
you don’t really see it in that way

Love me

Love me
love me
please just tell me you do
I’m desperate for something to hold on too
I need more than emptiness
need more than words
I thought you loved me so why does it hurt
you gave me life brought me to this world
but you walked away proving my worth
love me
oh love me
please say that you do
even if it’s a lie I don’t care about the truth
I know that you don’t just say it please
so I know what it sounds like to hear something sweet
love me please love me
oh what did I do
you say that you need me but that’s nothing new
fill me with expectations kept far away
tell me you love me
I’m not asking you to stay

Melt my soul

Goodbye my darling
it’s time for me to go
don’t cry my darling
your tears could melt my soul
I know that your hurting
that’s why I have to leave
goodbye my lover
please forget about me
it’s time for me to go now
time to say goodbye
I don’t want to hurt you
I no longer want to lie
goodbye my dearest darling
don’t cry for me tonight
your tears could melt my snow
drown everything we figured out
stop ourselves from growth

Feel me

Never forget me
never move on
I’ll keep on writing
the same old damn song
singing of life like I’m moving forward
got you on my mind
the crazy getting bolder
feel me again
when you’re touching her skin
when you got babies
I hope you remember
the way that I tasted back in December
got you still dreaming I hope that it’s me
never forget the words you didn’t mean
I’ll always love you
though I claim that I don’t
I’ll always want you with my hands on your throat

It doesn’t matter

It doesn’t really matter
at least I guess to me
we don’t really need to discuss it
guess it didn’t mean a thing
frustrated and lonely
but never say a word
once it escapes lips
it always goes unheard
we don’t really need to discuss it
don’t need to see eye to eye
at least it’s done and over with
not something lingering on tonight
something that I can’t forget
or even try to hide
at least it doesn’t matter
as the silence takes my pride


She said she loved me
right before she walked away
like I was ten feet in the grave
but thought I’d be okay
she said I meant the world to her
thought she was an honest girl
but the world meant very little
very little or so it would seem
she said she loved me
then walked away without me
holding onto lust abounding
all those thoughts consume so loudly
she wanted him this time so proudly
walked away this time without me
said she loved me but I doubt it
just another one she counted

Deepest regrets

Deepest regrets my darling
so sorry I couldn’t stay
so much time has been passing
so much you had to say
deepest regrets my lovely
you just missed my call
I think I’ve had enough though
of apologies gone wrong
so I think I’ll be walking
keep on moving far away
I don’t really care my darling
what you’ve got left to say
this is not real important
at least not to me
no longer the one you call for
deepest regrets honey