Little King.

He appreciates your lies, and all your
double dealings
sealing with a kiss, he thanks you completely.

He appreciates your missteps, yes he’s a gent y’know;
that blind regard for self, the thought that you
could hold on to gold.

As he wraps his arms around my waist
he kisses as you can’t. These lips, and savors the taste
of everything you could have had, if only
you’d grown up a tad.

As he wraps his arms around my waist
he sends shivers down my spine, a feeling never got
when you were by my side.

He appreciates your failings, and all your lack of skill
he got what he wanted which was not just
some silly, cheap, thrill.
You see the prize was me
and you long lost that game.
You thought that you were king, but the little kings
throne ran away.

He appreciates your ignorance and how you thought
you’d win, because as you made up excuses
he saw the beast within,
he took me by the hand and led me far away,
a place where I’m not broken in need of daily change.
He took me to a kingdom where I reign as a Queen
we burned your little throne
and now I have a proper King.

He thanks you for your weakness, as you couldn’t seem to stand,
being on the arm of a beast woman, who’s raving mad.
He thanks you for your arrogance and how you screwed up that day,
because he did not need to steal me, as you threw me away,
no pieces of a broken heart, no, this Queen stood tall and knew;
one day you will regret my friend everything you didn’t do.

For now he holds me all alone and in this comfort I have grown
far too bright for you to see in the darkness, raving, I am free.

26 September 2014


He looks into eyes, fears the darkness,
sees the armored woman brandishing blade
worn and surrounded by light
he kills the shadows
proclaiming Goddess
he’s down on knees
he bleeds.
He calls her by name, he follows her to battle,
he names her Freya speaking soft.
Chains of love and merciless abuse, his Goddess flees,
but he pursues.
The madness in her eyes only needs the light
he brings the fire, burns her raw
flesh exposed he screams her name,
calling her Freya.
Shielded Goddess carrying bloodied blade
sits in flames as he slays her darkness
the madness building
all she needed was a sheath
but the darkness has been slain
and the Goddess lays dormant once again.

He stands at her ashes waiting for a phoenix
what rises next he proclaims a demon.
A raven woman dressed in madness
crazed from the fire consumed by her ashes.
He looks into eyes and sees his Goddess
fear in his heart he does not understand
as the woman rises talons for hands.
Stripped of her armor, stripped of his light
she rises from ashes in lightless night
glory is her who stands on her own
but as she is watching Odin is calling her home
thought himself a God Muninn will say
thought himself deserving, until he felt betrayed
he thought that he could see, but feared the absence of day
said that I was Goddess, but even then asked me to stay.

16 September 2014