League of their own

Let them play!
Take gender out of the game-
if you want equality
then practice until you win-
no dick, no cunt,
should ever change your chances-
isn’t equality the premise
of your actions?
Let them play-
take gender out of games!
If there’s no difference
then just let them play;
no difference between the sexes
women and men just the same
all this fits your rhetoric-
the manifestos of feminist schtick
anything you can do-they can’t do better-
so aren’t segregated sports teams
sexist in and of themselves?

Coachella Queen

So, here we are again-
Lady Gaga lies and then
uses words like love
to blend
selling versions of herself again
that truly never actually existed.
‘The cure’ an anthem of self aggrandizement
to hide the shame within
she’s just like a trust fund kid-
talked shit on Paris Hilton
but the truth is-you’re far worse than she’s ever been.
At least she’s honest
unlike Stephani
who has always had money
but plays dive bars, honey
wears crop tops and tones that body
to perform bare foot and rowdy
like a lower class shawty?
Says she doesn’t have fancy things
but her trash is fancy
in comparison to weeds
sun dried sticking up through concrete
bet Lady Gaga wouldn’t walk
San Bernardino streets.

The orgasm gap

Don’t take my orgasm
just because you can’t have one
shade my fun
because your feeling like the victim
your unloved but don’t
ruin it for the rest of us.
You can’t feel the hum-
your just bitter
like the wine you sip
cheap and clawing
just alcohol
no grape notes-not a hint.
Playing the victim
doesn’t get you laid,
does it?
Hands off my orgasms
you don’t speak for me
keep your hands off my pleasure
and my agency
no one asked you to rhetoric
sex-don’t make me a victim
of your ignorant text.
Don’t you dare tell me
my orgasm is oppression
your just a victim of
your own twisted perspective.
Can’t get to climax
because you’re too uptight
can’t feel real pleasure
when no dick is right.
Well, that’s tough but
that’s not my fault.
I am a woman
who has plenty of orgasms
it’s not oppression
just a product of passion.
Hands off my orgasms
you don’t speak for me-
sex is not the enemy
but feminists might be.

All the likes

I find stupid funny
liking shit absurd
you think that your smarter
because you invent new words
you claim enlightenment
while preaching your ignorance
keep screaming like it’s working
and ignore the reality as is.
I find stupid funny
because you’ve got to laugh-
all the value we’ve placed on
this ignorant trash.
I exist in my place
which you’ll never comprehend
because ignorance and stupidity
have surely buttered your bread.

Katy’s umbrella

Turned a chapter
turned a page
wrote a new book
it’s all the same
hacked off her hair
still not a bride
doesn’t that ego keep
you warm at night?

Turned a chapter
changed her game
pretended to rewrite
but the words
are the same
keep pretending
you’re different
empowered and strong
pretend you’re not Katy
not Katy at all,
not the pop star
who spends tears
wishing she was just a mom.

Flesh Tones

Red, white, and blue
it’s the color that makes
you move
turn of head
flick of wrist
you forget how to live.
Paint it black
just as well
no one leaves
their ego hell
so important
that you are-
green with envy
violent bells
color dictates
your victims tale
keep it going
or unveil
the prism of privilege
the skins that sell.

I’ve known women who rape

I’ve known women
that rape
take what isn’t theirs
but they are safe.
I’ve known women
that rape
grab without consent
they only take.
I’ve known women
that rape
getting what they want
through hate
using slurs like
to negate
the very no
said to nullify the game.
I’ve known women
that rape
persist until the subject
is ashamed
gives up his cock to save
his manhood
or any other reason
you’ll say it won’t matter
just the same.
I’ve known women
that rape
tear down men
that they rape
then tell them that
it’s okay
every guy always
wants it anyway.

The new critical thinking

Right is left
and red is blue
life is death
and all is true;
two plus two
equals fish
a woman truly
can have a dick
up is down
and hungry high
live like mermaids
in the sky
absurdism never dies
the Millennials have
Up is lobster
cost is rub
milk is honey
summer love
this world’s gone
straight to the bells
the history of pork loin
shall prevail.


Why is it
that all I see
is upper class society
trying to stop the fascist regime
to save the rest of us ignorant fiends?
Kill the bigots-set us free-
do you even know anything about poverty?
Or just what you’ve learned from Gaga and scene-John Legend taught
you what we need?
What the fuck does he know about
living poor like me?
Pronouns and safe spaces
that what you sell us.
When white privilege is your rhetoric
you’ve clearly forgotten how the rest of us live.
You aren’t heroes- super or zero,
just cowards and ignorant excuses for people.
Antifa: Laguna Beach? Beverley Hills and other golden streets
how are you fighting for the lowly?
Take the fucking mask off if you wanna throw heat
just a walking ego, a child running with needles-touch that flame
blame me though!
Antifa-the middle class dies
and this is what we’re left with?

God and cruelty

Tell me wicked things
wreck my hopes and dreams
but you can’t steal nothing
not from the likes of me
I am the truth and love
with fire from above
God’s work from clay and spite
cruelty has taken my side
the righteous kind of survive
I am the starless night
the shadow bathed in light.
Tell me wicked things
break these bones and sing
out all my sins and bleed
me dry of everything
withered husk I’ll be
still the reigning queen
you’ll all bow down to sleep
and I’ll keep all of me.