And here we go round and round
can’t jump off, can’t fall down-
this world’s turning inside out.
Turn those smiles into doubts,
turn that message into clouds,
can’t remember where we started
now we are just dearly departed.

We the people

Empower not a statement
to the lower class-
can’t you see the mirrors
staining up the glass?
Cover all these bodies
then burn them into ash.
No one needs a martyr
just give us back our cash!
Everybody’s special,
everybody hurts,
no one’s willing to die-
but everybody’s speaking words!
Survivors just a victim
when you can’t change the world
for if you find equality
you cannot rule the earth.


Tell me who I am
and what I’ll never be
let the story drown
in brilliant infancy.
Tell me what is up
tell me where is blue
and I will walk alone
along one-two, one-two.

The new Katy

Katy tryin’ be-
Scarlett with the good hair
not recognizing the divide
don’t care
claimin’ feminist now
to get that cash here,
playin’ at empowered
like she’s the real deal
giving good lip service
to the cock head
just another bimbo
with no good left
another female selling soul
for new carpet-
the only difference is she don’t know yet-
Katy Perry just a joke, yes,
forgetting the narrative she sold
now she’s got a
liberal heart of gold
why is all she does
for the glory?

Safe places

Tell me, tell me,
’bout this world I love-
tell me how you’ve shown your sum,
break a bit of honesty
out of all that hypocrisy
the mirror and ask it with me;
does my life have any meaning?
Have I left a lasting legacy?
Or am I just another catastrophe?
Tell me what’s your story-
have you given guts for glory
or just screamed your name in mourning?
Tell me, come on, tell me-
while you save this world I love
can you really claim you stood above?
Have you given guts for glory
or just rehashed a dead hero’s story?
Have you really ever lived
outside your safe spaces?


Lena is no hypocrite!
just a liar, molester, and ignorant twit!
Lost the weight now lying about it-
prior to this she just forced empowerment.
Lena just lied to herself-
thought she was happy
with her private hell-
bet Jack’s mother didn’t yell
a good Jewish mother
just asked him, pray tell;
when will you find a pretty girl to marry.

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel

Rachel Dolezal
is a victim of the limits of our diction!
If instead she said she was a man
she would have received loved
never having to use food stamps
she would have been promoted.
You see we put much more stock
in a social construct
then we do biology!
To be black is a real thing
but gender is just a dream.

Petite mort

Ariana Grande plays too your lowest sensibilities.
Takin’ off your clothes
doesn’t equal dignity
acting like a slut has always
been unclean
not because sexuality is dirty
but rather keeping yourself
open for the world
devalues any person
what’s the use of the meat if it’s been through teeth?
Are you going to clean yourself
with the filthy streets?
Are you going to save the world with I love you tweets?
the music video displays
what the studies say
most women don’t experience real orgasms anyway.