Frame the jigsaw

Separate the piece within
from the rest that’s been given
the puzzle paints the vision red
and leaves the rest soaking wet
every piece a perfect picture
of the words you never say
everything you sound display
dark and black just like decay
the soul that birthed the picture
left a hole inside you can’t forget


Below the mirror

I’ve seen the light
behind the eyes
I’ve known were mine
I see the truth
the burn beneath
the wood
I know my face
better than if I could see
I’m not displaced
though this wreckage is me
I am bereft of honesty
when worlds begin to form
I’ve seen the light
behind all I was before
the thorny bloom
the wounded flower
all my petals;
blades and swords
I’ve been the poison
the toxic spore
sweet as honey
and red like wine
I’ve seen the light
beneath all that’s mine
I see the truth
behind my eyes
mirrors shattered
I divined everything
I pushed in rhyme
broken drunken all again
I look back at what I’ve been

Pour it out

Pour it out
the colors of me
break the bones
reveal the weeds
tell me more
more of what you see
and keep me close
this love beneath
souls that blush
and spirits crumble
pour the real truth
from the bubble
and take the rest
the sum, the whole
take my red blood
turn to gold.

What’s buried in the ground

secrets cannot burden
a mouth without a tongue
secrets cannot keep
the one who cannot hum
one that makes no noise
and is buried in the ground
a feast for all the maggots
that keep their secrets well
a feast for the earth to have it
all my secrets, sins I’ve worn.

A room for spiders

Fill the room with webs of me
words that act as delicate strings
everything from bones and teeth
my blood becomes the air and sheets
bed of eyes, my lips and hair
decorate the room with flare
show a side so rarely seen
the parts of me I tried to bleed
forget the empty broken parts
use my intestines but lose my heart
leave the windows bare of strings
keep the vision inside for the streets
fill the room with webs of me
a story writ in nails and feet
all my skin becomes the rug
an empty room forgotten, undone.

Use every part

Blue bones
cheeks cold
everything is dead
the world will rest again
and we’ll remain off set
red lips turn grey
the tongue that hesitates
the words that go unsaid
the tear drops of green sweat
they’ll eat away at flesh
the orange that fades with it
teeth of blood and gore
your finger nails upon the floor
the devil rides your soul
to war

Room for rent

Inches of skin crawling
off walls you’d deem appalling
red like blood it oozes-dripping
dripping and dropping to it
to the floor that’s made up
of muscles and tissues that flare up
swollen and sore their useless
for anything close to movement
but squishing and squashing for you if
if you can free yourself of it the grip of the lungs
keep pursuing oxygen breathing it burns this
ember of flames and slit wrist breaking the bones
for carpet over the muscles and tissues
like tile it’s style an anthem of biology held for ransom
inches of flesh worth pursuing an image of death
for reviewing standard and yet consuming.