Dry floor

Trying not to breathe
be anything but me
break down
and break some more
keep writhing on the floor
fall down don’t try again
keep bathing in dead skin
keep drinking from that well
keep drowning in the sun
baked by light and air so fun
trying not to breathe
lungs try desperately
be anything but me
dead if it has to be
break down and then again
writhing in this sin
drinking all that’s come before
drowning on dry floor


Looking through the skin

A demon lives within me
she wins most every time
not even love can save me
I’m running out of rhymes
nothing in me is pure now
though it may appear that way
everything is darkness
everything is rot
there’s nothing left inside of me
nothing she hasn’t got
a demon lives within me
she’s everything I am
and if I go on living
I must make a stand
I must kill what’s within me
so the demon can never leave
living is so much harder
now that the demons all I see

What the forest takes

Walking through the forest
it’s after midnight now
the darkness consumes everything
the sky contains no clouds
everything is silent here
the forest makes no sound
walking between the trees
nothing to be found
I’ve forgotten why I came here
forgotten who I am
walking after midnight
silent laughing drives me mad
don’t know what I look like
forgotten who I am
walking after midnight
no flesh at my command
a soul just drifting in darkness
drifting to final rest
never go walking after midnight
the forest needs no breath

In my skin

I’ve been a lot of things
a lot of it ain’t good
thought I knew so much
but I really misunderstood
I strayed away from self
walked right into hell
let the devil take my hand
thought I was better than
been a bitch
and pretty fucking selfish
I’ve been a lot of things
been pretty fucking desperate
crawling on the walls
been begging for attention
I’ve embarrassed myself a lot
more than I’d like to admit
been on the wrong side of right
and said I’m okay with it
I’ve been a lot of things
but now I just wanna grow
move on from all that evil
like the glory in me show
remember that I love truth
and want to exemplify the good
I’ve been a lot of things
I’ll be a lot more
but this time I’m changing
changing that’s for sure
move like light through water
let God have His way
I’ve been a lot of things
I know I’ll never be a saint
but I can be much better now
now that I can admit
I wasn’t ever really the best person
I was just growing in my skin

Turning the mirror round

Talk, talk, talk
but no ones here
to listen
speak the words
but nobody will care
even when they say
they’re there.
Everybody wants
a little communication
talk, talk, talk
but no one gives an ear
even when you speak
the words so clear
silence is the answer
give in to fear
or rather just admit
it took too much to hear.
Talk, talk, talk
but never comprehended
sometimes all we know
is silence in decision.

Frame the jigsaw

Separate the piece within
from the rest that’s been given
the puzzle paints the vision red
and leaves the rest soaking wet
every piece a perfect picture
of the words you never say
everything you sound display
dark and black just like decay
the soul that birthed the picture
left a hole inside you can’t forget

Below the mirror

I’ve seen the light
behind the eyes
I’ve known were mine
I see the truth
the burn beneath
the wood
I know my face
better than if I could see
I’m not displaced
though this wreckage is me
I am bereft of honesty
when worlds begin to form
I’ve seen the light
behind all I was before
the thorny bloom
the wounded flower
all my petals;
blades and swords
I’ve been the poison
the toxic spore
sweet as honey
and red like wine
I’ve seen the light
beneath all that’s mine
I see the truth
behind my eyes
mirrors shattered
I divined everything
I pushed in rhyme
broken drunken all again
I look back at what I’ve been