Take my head
rip it from the flesh
take my skin
you have the rest
and all the blood
just take my thoughts
drive forward what isn’t yours
I played the part
got lost inside this head of mine
took it as an inspiring find
you held my breath
and let me drown
dry it was but I fell down
take my head
collar the throat
if you think we’re done here
you haven’t yet spoke
for you have my head
my flesh and my heart
so now I am here to rip you apart
take my head
rip it from my bones
leave me nothing here
I’ll make this place my home

The devil comes

The blood drips from the whitest walls
the house it’s covered in the fog
the witches cry, the children call
the devil comes from underneath
in your flesh her words you speak
the blood it drips so cold and thick
the madness consumes
and you will quit
life becomes so over it
the blood consumes the house and fog
the witches have died the children all fall
in your teeth you feel her kiss
the devil comes she brought you this

The hero in you

Everybody wants to be a hero
but no one wants to feel the fear
everybody wants to be a hero
but can’t be helped to hear
everybody wants a bad guy
we love a madman or so we think
everybody wants to change them
give them love and make them see
everybody wants the challenge
but don’t want it challenging
they don’t want to work too hard
and they never want to lose a thing
everybody wants the courage
be brave and save the scene
but nobody got the common sense
to see how very different
it really is to be the thing
that you say you want to be
it’s not that you can and don’t know
it’s that you’re a coward and let it show
wants can come and feelings go
but not everybody’s a hero that we know
gotta go through fear to learn to scream
gotta brave the darkness to be free
gotta keep repeating and doing it again
because if everybody was a hero
we would see that heroes save the day
while everybody watches
nobody wants the debt or to pay the cost
everybody’s a hero when nothing can be lost

Flesh turns to mud

I can’t take the nightmares
the breaking of my back
I can’t think for nothing
drowning in my bath
the tub is filled with tears
and I can’t scream for nothing
my voice shadowed by my fears
drowning in the water
I drink until I’m done
soul returns to cloud
flesh turns to mud


You’re somewhere else now altogether
do not worry hold it together
succumbing to madness a very bad thing
you don’t want to die here
nor do you want to scream
you’re somewhere else now altogether
through the door you went
you didn’t even pause
but now that you’re somewhere else
you must remember because
madness is a wonderful thing
a key to many truths
but succumbing to said madness
now that will hardly do
you’re somewhere else now altogether
do not worry much just hold it together
never forget the place you go to next
forget about the past if you want to live

Taken away

Everything that glitters
glitters when your gone
artificial pleasure
the nature of this song
every pretty moment
every pretty kiss
everything that glitters
flickers before it trips
disguised by bitter longing
and loving memories
the glitter that has blinded
has taken everything
blinded by its light
a beautiful moment
in a kiss
artificial pleasure
has taken away my lips

Peel the iris

Peel the iris from the eye
keep the rest all shivering white
never see for fear of find
the world beyond this horrid night
drift into the teeth and marrow
suck from bones and make it right
fix the flesh that keeps you tight
flesh that binds and holds you together
peel back the eyelid and have at forever