Bedroom of mirrors

We don’t like our mirrors
though we crave the sight
reflections we all need
we pretend we see it right
the nights they grow so cold
surrounded by reflection
we don’t like our mirrors
but we crave this kind of attention
we want so much of visage
we want so much of self
but we don’t like our mirrors
we don’t want ourselves
we can burn the memory
of what we see today
cover up the perceptions
that make mistakes okay
we don’t want to be healthy
our mirrors tell us to stay

Girls like vipers

She moves like a viper
but thinks she is the first
the one and only girl
to ever drink or curse
the first to wear all black
the first to own three cats
but still she prefers dogs
smoke cigarettes
takes bongs
fucks just like a man
at least tells herself she can
like the lady is a tramp
but she’s the first to dance
ever on a table
screaming her new labels
everybody forgets
girls were always like this

The petals

And all at once
all of the sudden
there is a rose just under skin
translucent flesh then petals begin
it grows without its stem
it’s petals so delicate and thin
vibrante as it should be
it’s roots they’re found within
the home of what it could be
all out of sorts it seems
all at once it’s hidden
the rose beneath the sea

The Christmas story

Call me up at Christmas
let me know I’m loved
by texting something simple
the same sentiment to everyone
burn me up with notice
invite me quick with glee
forget that it’s my birthday
forget once again about me
call me up at Christmas
to make yourself feel good
forget that I exist
unless you want me too
call me up at Christmas
I’ll answer with good cheer
but when it comes to News Years
I’ll drink to my own health
call me up at Christmas
so you feel good about yourself

No sleep

I find myself still running
running down an empty road
the world has all but ended
though I know I’m not alone
I feel the eyes still watching
watching from under stone
I find myself still running
even though my bones grow cold
I cannot see before me
and do not know what comes
from running with your feet up
running with no gloves
I cannot see before me
can’t hear the sound beneath
the world has all but died here
but still I cannot sleep


I want to be tangled in her tongue
drunk off words and lungs
the air you can’t keep up
the sounds a lot too much
and everything is skin here
everything is flesh
the kind of floral pattern
that burns beneath the chest
that runs away with vision
keeps you tangled in the night
the tongue that keeps you healed
drunk off her lips insight

If you knew him

If you knew the devil
oh yes your heart be still
for if you knew the devil
you’d be lost in all the thrills
the logic that’s unmoving
the heart that’s all but cruel
if you knew the devil
you’d make excuses until
just as with that ex lover
you keep rewriting truth
when you know the devil
he’s worth every excuse
so don’t pretend your sheets
are all that pretty white
we know you sleep in grey
in the best moonlight


I find myself slipping once again
down to the darkness where this began
alone in this world all by myself
watching the living as they watch the dead
the shadows in light all in their heads
I find myself slipping back into life
thinking of nothing but drinking of strife
I have been here and never again
back to the darkness where this all began