Not drinking

Sitting here now not drinking
drunk off the thoughts I’m thinking
see it all so clearly
the path I took it nearly
took from me the bones within
the sacred place I thought I’d live
wanting so much purity
I know too much
began to sink
into the darkness I cannot dream
knew too much
but nothing still
sitting here I know I will
repent for that I’m ashamed
I knew the path
forsaked my name
sitting here now not drinking
knowing I’m so sinking
try to pull up
and always remember
the path that you live
lives on forever

I thought

I thought I might just stop in to say
but you started talking always get your way
the words were familiar almost like mine
don’t know why I’m standing here
don’t know why I try
thought I might mention it
but now the floors yours
you got the microphone
I’ll just take my seat
you do whatever you do say what you need
I’ll be here waiting
speaking words you can’t read

All but gone

I’m sitting in the smoke now
drinking from a muggy glass
wondering where it all went wrong
wondering why the good times pass
sitting in this loud deep silence
drowning in the foamy top
sitting in this smoky darkness
almost feels like God forgot
got me thinking I want off
dreaming of that wet beyond
that drip of death
the willow spent
and this dirty glass all but gone