Let me

Say goodbye to me
like it used to be
fly away from me
and let me drown
I don’t want to turn around
come to surface breathe again
say goodbye
and let me live

Can’t go back

Blue and orange
purple turn lavender
the world in pastels
burning oils on the shelves
bleeding blood made of violets
flowers in my eyes
I’m seeing stars again
drinking in the mold
eating up the stardust
grinning in the sun
blue and orange red rivers
swimming through the mud
purple turn lavender
reds bleed black
the rivers filled cold now
can’t go back

Not a home

The lake is frozen over
the house abandoned still
the snow has all but covered
beneath the sky unfilled
memories are fleeting
trapped they never will
find themselves much thought of
prevented endings always thrills
the lake is frozen over
the icicles fall on heads
and everything is broken
frozen in the cold
the house is still abandoned
still is not a home

Down deep

don’t think
don’t speak
just keep it silent
keep your lips shut
don’t think about it
it won’t be enough
the blue bells whistle
and then they stop
don’t know how to get it off
like a cold rain on hot day
on the sidewalk
stop and think change
don’t forget to breathe
but don’t ever speak
keep those lips shut
keep the thoughts
down deep

Going back

I wanna be a clown
but they took it from me
my red nose no longer beeps
can’t entertain
can’t suck my teeth
I’m dreaming in those greys and black
can’t keep coming from the back
I wanna be a clown
but my shoes are flat
no more squeaking pants don’t sag
they took it from me
took my laugh
nothing fun about not going back

Just breathing

And I can see it
the writing on the walls
they whisper sweet nothings
foretelling of falls
the words don’t make sense
but I know them all the same
you can’t see past
how the ending had come
you don’t know truth
you don’t know the sun
and I can see music
my eyes hear the song
you whisper nothing
just breathing all along

Jump right in

In the midnight
underneath the dead sky
everything is feeling just fine
like the emptiness
and that cool rain
in the midnight one night go insane
drive for hours with no end
find yourself ever so lost again
and thinking of everything you gave up
for another one that is now dust
in the midnight underneath dead skies
find yourself losing your sight
can’t see nothing but the darkness
forget the cool rain and just jump right in

Champagne singing

Tell me what you see
inside the pink champagne
tell me all the bubbles sing
drink the sound away
and dance until the morning comes
the light begins to sway
dreaming in the honeycomb
the milk and flowers pray
tell me what you see inside
the golden ring displayed
the pink champagne and bubbles clear
the sound of singing can be heard
tell me what you know
do you see the sunshine bleeding
the flowers never grow