I thought

I thought I might just stop in to say
but you started talking always get your way
the words were familiar almost like mine
don’t know why I’m standing here
don’t know why I try
thought I might mention it
but now the floors yours
you got the microphone
I’ll just take my seat
you do whatever you do say what you need
I’ll be here waiting
speaking words you can’t read

It’s semantics

oh yes it’s all in what you say
it’s the words you choose to pray
understanding just a game
it’s all semantics
look at the sentence differently
forget the meaning
woe the read
you read red but it means rogue
you think pink but she’s just nude
oh yes it’s always fun
reading what’s been sung
like I meant this but they meant that
chew the pork the uncooked fat
it’s all in what you say
name the difference change the take
words they mean so many things
when snakes lie it’s rats they feed


You’ve never been loved before
it’s all been lies
been strung up by words in kind
spoken by the devil’s son
the world he bought it comes undone
burning housing the window panes
don’t know how to become saved
you’ve never really known true love
never known the taste it seems
it’s all been lies and made up dreams

When to go

I keep speaking wanting more
can’t stop drinking on the floor
can’t be anything but here
a board for you to walk on dear
don’t mind me you never do
I’ll just be here just for you
when you want me pull me up
pour another bitter cup
give it to me nice and slow
so I never know just when to go

How to read

Don’t want to see it
the writing on the wall
so defeated
the words don’t mean to fall
I just can’t read it
can’t hear the message in the air
I don’t believe it
I just hear it everywhere
and now it’s gone but
I never knew that it was near
don’t want to see it
now that it’s gone I cannot cheer
I never needed
anything but words you see
didn’t hear them
forgot that I know how to read

Dirty floors

I don’t want to speak no more
keep finding words left on the floor
context riddled with excuses
half hearted and most obtuse when
I don’t want to clean them up
don’t want to speak
I’ve had enough
no one listens
no one cares
my floors are dirty
too many words to share