Babe you’re not punched

Babe I uh I uh
just need some time to think
to come up with what just happened
when I threw the kitchen sink
babe you don’t know what
uh you don’t know what you’re saying
babe you have not been punched
I didn’t fucking hit you
at least not hard enough
you are so much bigger
men are naturally so tough
I just need a little time here
a little time to lie
too manipulate your thinking
make you believe the victim was I
I didn’t fucking punch you
but even if I did
no one will believe you
babe a woman never fibs

Girls like vipers

She moves like a viper
but thinks she is the first
the one and only girl
to ever drink or curse
the first to wear all black
the first to own three cats
but still she prefers dogs
smoke cigarettes
takes bongs
fucks just like a man
at least tells herself she can
like the lady is a tramp
but she’s the first to dance
ever on a table
screaming her new labels
everybody forgets
girls were always like this

What’s in my coffee

Tell me
tell me please
what do you think
when you see me
do you see
the animal
or just a woman
with some claws
tell me please
tell me something
describe my name
or bring me coffee
with the cream
and plenty sugar
tell me please
what is a woman.

Danger sitting

Danger sitting in the bed
with a grown woman who’s said
I’m a girl in one way or another
this chick ain’t bad just immature
won’t grown up its kinda absurd
act in charge like they work so hard
crying like a child
when they get paid large
don’t know how to act
so they blame men
danger is sitting in bed with them
little girls couldn’t be so damn grown
twenty fucking something years old
danger is letting women be girls
you’ve already grown up
but this time is yours
just so you know it’s silly at best
make your own life
or you’re just making a mess
danger is sitting in bed with women
grown ass adults pretending to be children
this is what we’re left with
this is what we’re given

Pussy Power

I got privilege between my legs
nobody owns it like they say
I’ve been taught that I am strong
I got that pussy it’s like a law
I can scream loud and tell you lies
you believe me because it’s right
if I’m wrong well that’s oppressive
I’m not really liking this attention
I’ll make you feel like it’s okay
to joke around me and just play
but when I see an opportunity
I’ll jump ship I got immunity
tell the world that you harassed me
and they’ll believe it or just demure
they won’t sensationalize I’m just a girl
I got privilege in this pussy of mine
I don’t ever need to be right
if I’m uncomfortable men will rise
fight off detractors my white knights
all the other girls will come to my side
and the ones who don’t
yeah those bitches ain’t right
handmaidens and brainwashed
they the reason men rape ‘cause
they submit where I fight
even if I’m wrong the world says I’m right
I can lie and manipulate
I got privilege between my legs
I rewrite all of history
say that women always on their knees
if you contradict that’s oppression
like I’m right because I’m a woman
don’t call me out because I got tits
privilege between my legs and you want it
I’ve been taught that I am strong
but working hard it takes too long
so I’ll just scream and cry and shout
and then raise hell when I’m called out

Starving the cat

She speaks of diamonds
she’s drinking up pearls
a powerful anthem
for all the little girls
women can sing it
and be not afraid
she’s so materialistic
with not much in brain
she’s speaking of diamonds
eating her cake
she’ll laugh when we die here
and lick off your plate
a powerful anthem
a ballad of truth
money is power
it’s the rich who’ll eat you
she speaks of diamonds
while drinking up pearls
if this is empowerment
the poor all submit
if you got some problems
you should probably quit
she speaks of diamonds
she’s drinking up pearls
empowered by money
and ripe for the juice
is this empowerment
or just selfish trash
like eating your cake
and starving the cat

I am champagne

Pink ribbons, pretty bows,
handcuffs like no one knows
I talk about the things we’d do
if you knew that I wanted too-
pretend we don’t
like the world don’t know-
I didn’t gloat
riding that free slit float-
I got the pink ribbons,
I got the pretty silk bows,
I may be a grown woman
but that shit I’ll never show
act fast and die hard
live it up and regret large
pink ribbons and daffodils
I got the flowers to pay the bills
I got that girlhood
grown woman make you feel good
I am that free champagne
doe eyed-you’d go insane.
I act like pretty in pink
too far off from being sixteen,
I talk and walk so hard
got that free flag up as art,
pink ribbons and pretty bows
I rock that cheap shit
like the world don’t know
handcuffs in fur my body bent back
I keep pretending
like my innocence isn’t on tap
while the whole world’s drinking
pretty ribbons keep me flat
girlhood is flaunted artificial at that
pretty pink ribbons, soft and wet
I make decisions I’m bound to regret

What Natalie Portman was really talking about

Messages-so many messages
got the girls screaming,
got the women leaning
on walls to catch their breath,
confusion is the anti-drug
that leaves our lives bereft.
We can’t get to dreaming,
we can’t get to life,
we just live in bewilderment-
confused unable to thrive.
Women and girls get conflicting
conflicting messages all the time
from media that tells us one thing
while the other thing exist alongside
so we can’t accept the reality
because girls and women get confused
like a virgin in a bikini
it leaves a girl with nothing to do
but cringe and think about
how it makes her feel
that a girl could wear a bikini
and be a virgin too
it’s just that feminist has all
the girls and women confused
society says one thing
but they say that we choose
a feminist lives to tell you
it’s a bikini or virtue

I believe in the war on women

There is a war on women
we’ve erased them all
taught little girls there’s no one
in history that is strong
we’ve forgotten women
erased them with our hate
teaching little girls
that the man
has kept us caged
that all we’ve ever done
is birth children and kept house
that there’s never been no women
who’ve done it for themselves
that feminist have given
women all our rights
that they keep fighting for freedom
while the rest of us become wives
there is a war on women
driven by the feminist
who’ve erased histories strong women
and replaced it all with myth
erased Moms Mabley
and replaced her with nothing
feminist rewrite history
so women forget to breathe
there’s never been strong female comics
all because of men
except when you remember
Moms did it all before
she kept it going for her lifetime
even in old age
she kept that stage in stitches
but so many forget her name
there is a war on women
so little girls should do their research
find the strong women
that exist throughout our history
you can start with Moms Mabley
and then maybe you’ll find more
it really isn’t difficult
when you fight back in this war.

We are women

Women hate other women
women hate competition
especially when they’re weak.
Women love to destroy
play hard with all their toys
break them and then they cry-
women are something special
commit crimes get labeled angels
kill their children get off easy
cheat and lie never called sleazy.
Women do atrocious things
beat their children, kill their kids
far more often than the men
we hate ourselves
but we let live
all the women
who’ve ever destroyed
broken down other women
used children as ploys
women are not simply special
we make fools out of the devils.