To find it

Check underneath your pillow
for blood and bone beneath
it lies with you in waiting
for what you cannot speak
the tooth of a lost child
and blood from sordid beast
check underneath the mattress
to find the other’s feet
the foot that has been broken
and made into the treat
the tooth beneath your pillow
the blood and bone you seek

Within and above

I’m living on a rainbow
watching sorrow drop
it drips off the clouds it paints
like blood drips out of cloth
living on a rainbow
drinking crystal coated dreams
everything is silky
the smooth will make you scream
I’m living on a rainbow
colors blur my eyes
sight is candy coated
clouds are rich in soft
melting in your hands
the palm that isn’t bought
living in a rainbow
watching sorrow drop
it paints the world alone and grey
candy leaving tooth decay
watching with blurred eyes I see
living in the colors rainbows dream
living in the sorrow
means living well beneath


Terror from within
killed the beast but then
here he comes again
the mark of evil on his lips
I have broken bones
these thoughts
they’re not my own
because the beast does live
breathing from my neck
the oxygen is spent
on constant cleverness
fearing for my life
I know I will survive.

Tears become the smile

midnight grows so cold
these days
she thinks these words
but lips refrain
keeping shut
as eyes grow dim
the sun that shown
the devils within
midnight grows
so cold these days
nights grow endless
souls decay
everything she thinks
it stops
the clocks no longer tick
or tock