When your poster boy is Woody Allen

I, I should be
the poster child
for opportunities
me too
you see me
never been accused
by those acting
I like to keep them young
take a child and
marry one
groom my victim
for a wife
but I, I, I’m not
Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein
I just got accused
of something interesting
I, I, support me too
because I love distracting
from my abuse
in a way that suits my needs
forget about the accusations
ignore where the stories come from
and don’t think of my wife
I am Woody Allen
and I support women’s rights
wear the sheep’s white clothing
while hiding the wolf inside.

public shaming

Pray to the demons
you’ve nothing left
grace is beyond you
or so you’ve said
you find no fault here
though tears do well
nightmares plague you
you’re trapt in hell
so why not now drown
and show your hand
you’re only as powerful
as the mob you’ve fed