Grow it green

Watch it grow in green and black
the weeds you harbor can’t go back
to drink the wine that has turned red
once was purple then it bled
watch it grow and burn and fester
kiss the neck than drink the nectar
turn the tar to that of ash
the oil that remains burns in mass
forever the singing can hear of the choir
watch it grow and then kill it with fire
turn the twisted back to green
kiss the nectar drink the weeds

The garden

Empty and tired
I am on my knees
forgotten and broken
I have no relief
faith is bordered
by my doubt and tears
I’ve been fighting
so hard
for all these years
empty and tired
I have lost my wings
broken and forgotten
left to sow these weeds
in a garden barren
of flowers and trees
a wasteland I’ve discovered
made by all my deeds
the good, the bad and
everything has led
to the garden
of empty promises
left to vultures
here I wait
grace I know
will always save
empty and tired
I cannot give up
life is long
this time I’ve had
is not enough.

Forming of flesh

Bones, broken tired bones
we are lost and don’t know
have nothing no way to go
we got drunk this time for show
give it up and let it know
that it’ll be dead this time tomorrow
the truth of it ain’t hard to swallow
you’ll be gone and it’ll be sorrow
that grows instead of weeds and ash.

In the evening

Stillness in the air tonight
deeper in the dark moonlight
ever something left to breathe
the lungs that capture dust and
brittle blades that cut as glass
turn the wrist and lips to brass
drink enough but never dine
drink that deeper kind of wine

Pour it out

Pour it out
the colors of me
break the bones
reveal the weeds
tell me more
more of what you see
and keep me close
this love beneath
souls that blush
and spirits crumble
pour the real truth
from the bubble
and take the rest
the sum, the whole
take my red blood
turn to gold.