Say it straight

Let’s say it straight
let’s not mince words
if you’re thinking selfishly
it is absurd
we’re all in this together
but you don’t seem to know
you are part the group
but you continue to show
signs that you aren’t listening
signs that you don’t care
you know you are infected
so you go to Hampton’s to share?
We all applaud the efforts
of assholes with too much wealth
while they fly about the country
across oceans just as well.
We speak kindly of
those who endanger us
why not say it straight?
Is the truth not good enough?
Yes, these folks are assholes.
No, they do not care.
What’s a million dollars to a billionaire?
Let’s all just be honest
say just what we mean
if you’re living selfish
you deserve the shame received.
Do not make excuses
this is no time to plead
you are just a prick
spreading around an infection disease.


Wigs hang from the ceiling
candy plagues the shelves
lining up the floorboards
counting all one’s wealth
chocolate covered nails
the press on kind with paint
wigs hang from the ceiling
the clocks all ticking late
the floors covered in sugar
the kind you shouldn’t taste
wigs hang from the ceiling
all the flesh has been replaced

The man

Surrounded by my golden visage
I contemplate what I’ve been missing
how much further I could have gone
if this will make another hit song
would it be louder if I was a man
would I be prouder to be who I am
would I feel better
have myself together
have more money in my bank account
fill the museum with visitors now
sitting amongst all I own
I think being a man would make me whole
that maybe I’d feel better and bold
get more than I have ever known
what more could I have
I don’t know
but if I was a man I would
know just what more I could
and as I sit with all my wealth
I contemplate the loss I’ve felt