Time decays

Fire blossoms burning flesh
death becomes the ignorant
those who touch but do not heed
warnings given graciously
never a need but spoken anyway
you simply threw the warnings away
fire blossoms burning your flesh
they called upon you so ignorant
burning the eyes so beautiful
those who touch the ones harmful
hands that pick and pluck and bend
kill the flowers snuff the flames
your flesh it burns as time decays

Warning signs

Early in the morning
the sky bleeds to the earth
the sun will burn forever
at night the world will burst
early in the morning
as the blood drips down
from clouds
the world is boiling over
the sun is drowning now
the clouds will fall still soaking
the blood corrupted from inside
as the blood drips down still
from an empty sky
early in the morning
you see the warning signs

Run, baby, run

I’ll show you crazy
I’ll show you over it
I’ll show you so gone
that you’ll be crying
I’ve got that sexy psycho
the kind that’s hard to let go
I’ll show you mayhem
I’ll break it down so fast
It’s like a wild ride
going so slow
we driving wild
catching every red
the truth is crazy
when it’s really said
I’ll give you demons
and wet dreams
I’ll make you feel
like you hate me
and in the end
it’s all for fun
I’ll show you crazy bitch
just to see you run

The listening lamb

Doublespeak, devil speak
who the fuck the demons be
you gotta listen, listen well
you know the enemy burns in hell
all the fire don’t turn to ashes
demons lace their beds with glass and
when you look it’s pretty crystal
do you know the myth in visuals
doublespeak yeah the devils word
who’s the sheep eating the verse
do you know where the demons be
or are you following the gilded leaf
everything takes care to hear
demons sing with angel ears
they know exactly what to say
whether it be fear or hope that preys
what you hear do you know what stays
doublespeak like devils do
the words are lies you thought were true