Like you use to

I’ve been waiting here for you
don’t know who else to belong to
do I love you yes I do
I’ve been waiting days for you
waiting for you to walk in the door
sing to me darling sing once more
keep me on pins needles and the edge
I’ve been waiting since you’ve been dead
to dream of a moment we’re back in arms
hugging to death remembering charms
I’ve been waiting here so long
life gets tired it keeps moving on
do I love you yes I do
sing to me darling just like you use to


Sitting here waiting once again
wondering what might have been
if I told you off like I wanted too
if I had said what I really meant
thrown you down and made you beg
sitting here I wonder when
that opportunity might come again
to slap you once and tweak your nose
keep you wondering what to do
why I still stay true
just to make you blue
sitting here once again waiting
thinking what to do next

Down her throat

She’s a snake
she’s a viper
got that poison on her teeth
she’s watching
she’s waiting
she’s always just beneath
watching you from windows
from within your head
this woman she’s a freak
but never in your bed
she’s poison that you want
always in your head
she’s a snake
a fucking viper
got that poison on her tongue
lashing out in public
lashing out for fun
she’s watching and she’s waiting
she’s moving in to kill
she acts like she’s in charge
but really she’s in tears
for she’s a fucking viper
a broken devil undeterred
she’s a poisonous woman
she’s a real bad girl
others may look up to her
but she is just a joke
a poison on her teeth
slowly dripping down her throat